BFFs for life…

*I’ll be uploading my Instagram posts from our time in NICU, followed by a more recent picture of Rex, so you’ll be able to see the difference and keep-up with our journey*

5th June 2019

The exhaustion hasn’t stopped haha!

“I am next level tired, hence the eye bags…but I’m so happy in this picture. It was yesterday, and I managed to get nearly 4 hours of skin to skin with Rex. It was magical.

I managed 2 feeds with him on me, all his meds within that time, and we had a couple of snoozes together; yay, nap buddies. My lovely nurse, Dan, also told me how important skin to skin is for us both. I found out that for every hour of S2S, Rex’s stress levels will reduce by 25% – so after nearly 4, he was pretty much stress free. This meant he found all his procedures and blood tests far less upsetting. They took his blood while he was on me, and he didn’t cry or make a peep.

Also, my body temperature adjusts to keep Rex as warm or as cool as he needs. Having that contact allows me to ensure he is incubated, outside of his incubator.

At this stage, he only recognises my voice; so talking to him when he’s on my chest, will soothe him further and tighten our bond. Cuddles also help to keep my milk production as high as possible. Basically, all the hormones and chemicals produced during skin to skin, result in magic. I love how the human body is a bit of incredible engineering. And, I love strengthening the bond with my small but mighty BFF.

Fay + Rex x”

Photo 22-09-2019, 11 04 06
Besties forever x

Peace, love, and skin-to-skin, Fay x

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