Utter heartbreak…

*I’ll be uploading my Instagram posts from our time in NICU, followed by a more recent picture of Rex, so you’ll be able to see the difference and keep-up with our journey*

3rd June 2019

My favourite toes. Ever.

“These tiny toes bring me so much joy.

When I do Rex’s cares, I get to hold his little feet (it helps him feel secure) and I love it. It’s hard how limited I am, as to how much I can pick him up, touch him, and hold him. But any chance to have contact right now, I’ll take. These times give me just enough, to keep going. I seem to be finding it more and more difficult to leave him in NICU in the evenings.

I feel like my heart breaks every time I get in the lift down to the car park. However, the excitement I get in the lift on the way up to see him is really magical. And, I hold on to the fact that one day, Rex will be in that lift with me and his dad, as we get to bring him home. Wishing you the best week you can manage  x”

He still breaks my heart all the time…motherhood…

Peace, love, and mending heartbreak, Fay x

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