Laghi’s Deli: Date night dinner with my one true love (pasta)…

My final meal choice on death row would be pasta. I want to retire in Italy, live next to Lake Garda, and, eat pasta until I leave the earth, full-up and smiling. I’m a type 1 diabetic, and, if there was an apocalypse; I’d use my remaining insulin to enjoy as much pasta as I could find. So, if I’m being treated to food, within a restaurant setting, it’s likely my husband has ensured that there’s pasta on the menu. One of our favourite places in Birmingham, to eat the good stuff, is Laghi’s Deli.

Italian restaurants can be the most romantic places…

We’ve been there on several date nights, enjoyed takeaway pizzas (they’re divine; I highly recommend) and, it’s never disappointed. However, with moving to and from Bristol, and having a baby, we haven’t had chance to enjoy their award winning Italian cuisine, in quite a while.  Therefore, I was super excited when Valentines Day arrived and, I was told that we had babysitters and a table booked. It would mean we could celebrate our love of food, sat opposite each other; yaaaay, hearts all round…

It’s not a pizza, it’s a starter.


When it comes to starters, there are some delicious-looking options on the menu, including classics, like burrata, calamari, and a cheese charcuterie board. However, something always makes us choose the cheese-laden garlic bread (which looks a lot like a pizza). I think it’s all the bread and cheese and garlic. It’s a romantic choice, because we shared (if you know me, you’ll understand how much I love you, if I’m happy to share food).

We were just like Lady and the Tramp, but, without the spaghetti. I think we pick it during each visit, because we know how incredible the pizza bread-bases are here. And, if we’re sitting-down for a meal there, we’re likely to order pasta main courses. So, this is a way we can get the dreamy, chewy, crispy, melty-fix, we associate with Laghi’s Deli. I’m a creature of habit, so I also ordered an Aperol Spritz, and Marv ordered a Purity Bunny Hop, a local Birmingham beer (which he’d recommend). As usual, it was the perfect way to begin our meal; I was giddy and cheese-drunk already.

Type 1s: I started giving myself my insulin bit by bit, using my Omnipod, so I had steady release throughout the meal. Doing this takes the fear out of eating my favourite high-carb options; keeping it slow and steady with my insulin, takes the hypo risk away, and I no longer get massive spikes, straight after my meal.

The Valentine’s Day special, was, really special…


It was Valentine’s Day, and I was feeling special, so, I had the special. I heard the words lobster and ravioli, and just said a firm (yet, friendly) yes please! My ravioli arrived, and, it was heart-shaped. I feel like dropping the mic now (look, I’ve said before how I don’t get out a lot at the moment). I can never eat ravioli again, unless they’re in the shape of hearts; I’ve peaked.

No, I love YOU!
True love is sharing, when it doesn’t come naturally to you…

After having lobster at Laghi’s before; I knew it’d be fresh and delicious. And, it was. The tomato-based sauce was sweet and zingy; perfect with the flaked lobster filling. And, the pasta itself was perfectly al-dente. I shared half of one of my hearts, with Marv, as a whole one was too painful to give away. However, I did manage to scoff a whole one of Marv’s ricotta and spinach ravioli, yay!

Little flying saucers of yum

Speaking of, Marv’s ravioli was also delicious, and, it’s a permanent fixture on the current menu. The sage butter ensures that the sponge and ricotta could shine; a mellow and creamy dish, with a comforting, herby background and a salty edge (just the right amount). Again, the pasta had the right amount of bite, and bite it all, he did. Cracked black pepper and parmesan, boosted the flavours further. Yum.

Simple, classic, pasta perfection

To Finish / Desserts

The best tiramisu in Birmingham can be found in Laghi’s Deli (in my opinion, obviously). I have it every single time I go, without fail. It’s light in consistency and texture, punchy with coffee and cocoa, and comforting with cakey-creaminess. I do my best to eat it delicately, but, I end-up inhaling it. At least I don’t face-plant it, like in my dreamzzz. If you’re a tiramisu fan; I’d strongly urge you to try it.

I’m drooling.

Marv went for chocolate and raspberry gelato. I managed to try a little too (selfless). The raspberry was my favourite; super intense berry, without the sharpness of sorbet. It was lovely. The chocolate was another chilly triumph, and, I adored the combination.

For non coffee-dessert fans; the gelato is a lovely, rich alternative x

The meal was a gift to my tastebuds and my stomach, from my lovely husband; thank you Marv! And, thank you Laghi’s, you were superb as always.

Peace, love, and ravioli-hearts for life, Fay x


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