Mom needs a coffee: Windowbox Cafe in Wylde Green

Giving-up the 89 coffees I inhaled a day (minor exaggeration), was something I found quite challenging, when I was pregnant. Once I’d had my boy; saying hello, again, to my caffeine dealers friendly baristas, was an absolute joy. I was exclusively breastfeeding for about 6.5 months, so there was still a limit on what I could consume. However, we’ve now weaned off the boob, meaning that I’m free to drink all the caffeine dry (said with heart palpitations and shaky hands); wooooooooo!

Car caffeine is a regular treat, now we’re parents

I’m self-employed, and am on self-inflicted maternity leave. This is joyous, but, I’m absolutely knackered. Caffeine is my friend. Getting out the house, and into a public setting, is an achievement. All moms deserve a goddamn medal, every time they make it out the door in one piece. Bonus points if you remember your baby, and everything they “need”. Anyway, a trip to a cafe is just enough to make me feel like I’m humaning, and I always return home feeling happy, even if I’m slightly frazzled.

So, I thought I’d start chatting about some of the cafes I go to, as a mom (did I mention I’d had a baby), because I don’t get out much in the evening anymore. Frequent dinner dates and evening events, are a beautiful memory. Although, I’m moving back to the Jewellery Quarter, in Brum, soon; maybe I’ll get out a bit more again. Right, back to coffee and food outings in the day.

We’ve outstayed our welcome been staying at my parents house, in Sutton. And, while there aren’t as many great coffee shops on the doorstep, as there are in the centre of Birmingham; we’ve still managed to find a few. One of which is the lovely Windowbox Cafe, in Wylde Green. We’ve been grabbing takeaway coffee and breakfast, or sitting-in for brunch, most weekends, since autumn of last year.

Rex’s last trip to Windowbox Cafe, where he dreamt of avocado-filled brunches and babyccinos


The first thing I’ll say, is 99% of the time, the service has been lovely. Friendly staff have greeted us, and taken our order, and considering I’ve often walked-in sleep deprived, with a face like a slapped arse; it’s been a comforting perk to grabbing sustenance.

There’s been the odd occasion, where a staff member, or two, have obviously been having a tough morning/day (they get super-busy at the weekend). However, it’s not happened a lot, the order has never been wrong, and we haven’t had to wait forever for our food and drinks. And, the majority of the time; it’s been efficient service, with a smile.

Make sure moms get enough sunlight and plenty of liquid, to survive

The coffee 

The reason I’ve kept returning, is due to the coffee. There are a few great cups of coffee to be had, around this area. But, I’ve not found loads. Again, everyone has their off days; I think I’ve had one burnt coffee in about 6 months, and a couple where the milk hasn’t been as thick and smooth as I like, as there’s been too many air bubbles. However, the rest of the time, the coffee is decent.

I tend to go for an oat milk latte, and, there’s been no bitterness, making it a comforting beverage to drink, with plenty of caffeinated pep. I need plenty of pep. Pep is great. Coffee = pep. Also, we tend to get takeaway, more than sitting-in to drink and eat. And, there’s been no difference between the quality of the drinks; whether they’ve been made in a ceramic cup, or a paper one.

Takeaway laptop brunches keep me going

Food, glorious food

I first tried the breakfast flatbread, weeks ago, when my husband surprised me with coffee and breakfast, in bed (he can be really lovely at times). I feel like he regretted this choice, as now I kind of demand it, most weekends (not both days, I’m not Mariah). I’m utterly addicted to it, and, it’s all I’ve ordered since (aside from the odd cake, for afters). When telling people all about it (look, I said I don’t get out much anymore, okay!), I describe it as a breakfast pizza, with poached eggs on top. It is so good. It’s a great takeaway option too, as it’s easily eaten from the box.

I literally can’t look at this, without wanting to inhale it!

The flatbread is lovely and chewy, with crisp edges, there is salty cheese, sweet tomato, earthy mushroom, and, spinach, to make you feel like you’re making healthy weekend decisions. The eggs are always poached to my preference (runny yolk, but not to the point where there’s a risk of undercooked egg-white), the size is just right, and I enjoy inhaling it, along with my coffee. I did go wild once, and chose something different from the menu (I know, yolo-ing at it’s best). I had the avocado on toast, with poached eggs. This was delicious; the avocados were ripe and fresh, without being too mushy, and again, the eggs didn’t disappoint.

If you don’t have chilli flakes on your avo, are you even brunching?

There’s plenty of breakfast, brunch, and lunch options; all of which are served all day. There’s a fridge full of cold drinks, and an array of baked treats, on the counter. I noticed both gluten free and vegan options. Also, for an extra 30p, you can swap the bread in a dish, to gluten free. This was great for my family, as my mom has coeliac disease.

The faces of happy retired people, aka mom and dad, awaiting coffee…


As previously mentioned; the cafe is pretty much always busy. This is a good sign. And, there’s a warm atmosphere, where anyone would feel welcome. I’d say the decor is a lovely mix of industrial and home-kitchen; plenty of tiles, a mix of wood and fabric chairs, booth seating, and weighty wooden-tables with iron legs. There’s plenty of natural light, at both ends of the cafe; this is something I always appreciate when I’m eating during the day.

Everything feels relaxed. I’ve been in with my husband, for some baby-free time, I’ve taken my parents, along with my baby, for a family brunch, and, I’ve met friends for a catch-up there. I’ve also seen people on their laptops; it’s a great, all-rounder coffee shop, in my opinion (which is all you’ll get here really). There’s also outdoor seating, which will be perfect when the days get a little warmer.

They put things like this on the counter so that you’re forced to buy and scoff them. This was worth the toothache and extra insulin, but, I couldn’t finish it.

Would I recommend? 

I sure would, for both a quick coffee-to-go, and for a leisurely brunch. Moms; there were at least 3 other babies within eyeshot, when I went-in with Rex. So, you won’t have that fear of your little one kicking-off/needing a change/parking the pushchair etc. Also, it’s friendly, so I’m sure the staff would be happy to help you out with anything you might need.

Peace, love, and breakfast pizza, Fay x

I’ll pop the main and kid’s menus below. Sharing is caring…


2 thoughts on “Mom needs a coffee: Windowbox Cafe in Wylde Green

  1. Hey Fay … just came across your blog about our little cafe ! So happy you enjoy coming in and that you like the coffee, menu and service. Appreciate the recommendation … always try our best to offer a friendly relaxed vibe, casual freshly cooked and simple food and great tea, coffee & cake! The team are happy to do whatever they can for you so just let us know if there’s anything you need. See you again soon!

    Windowbox Cafe

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