Hello and welcome to Hey It’s Fay; a blog written by a preemie mama, autoimmune disease warrior, and passionate Christmas enthusiast. I’m a content writer and illustrator by day, and I’ve written articles for The Metro Online. This is the place where I’ll be sharing my thoughts, challenges, and highlights from my life. You’ll find plenty of words relating to being a new mom (yes, it’s “mom” in Birmingham), specifically, mom life with type 1 diabetes.

The early 90s were a joyful time; but it overwhelmed my pancreas so much that it decided to retire early, and I was diagnosed with Type 1 at the age of 9. In 2015, I was diagnosed with Graves’ disease, and my thyroid became a right pain in the neck (haha). In October 2016, I sacked my thyroid for poor job performance and a handsome surgeon removed it from my throat. Balancing both conditions is a challenge, but it keeps life interesting and unpredictable, if a little frustrating at times.

In April 2019, after a fairly challenging pregnancy, my son, Rex, was born prematurely, at 28 + 4 weeks. Thankfully, he has had no long-term complications, and we left NICU in July 2019, to begin life as a family. That family includes myself and Rex, my husband Marv, and our dog, Cosy. We are all finding our feet during the happiest, and, most bonkers time of our lives so far.

Peace, love, and caffeine, Fay x

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IMG_6230Churros, dipped in chocolate. The Custard Factory Digbeth, December 2016. What a time to be alive.