Don’t forget to smell the roses…

*I’ll be uploading my Instagram posts from our time in NICU, followed by a more recent picture of Rex, so you’ll be able to see the difference and keep-up with our journey*

17th May 2019

Roses are some of my favourite flowers; beautiful and tough
His cheek on my chest, is still one of my favourite feelings. I do not miss that C-PAP (breathing) mask

“I really benefited from the couple of extra hours I had to myself yesterday. I think I’ll do that at least once a week so that the weight of everything that’s happening, can lift a little 🌸

NICU is a bubble, it’s my whole life for now. And, while the routine is usually beneficial, it’s also pretty exhausting, physically and emotionally 💤

But, it literally took a bath, some messaging with friends, and a little fresh air (spotted these lovely roses), to get my breath back ♥️ I headed into see my boy with a little bit of energy. Story time, cares, feeding, and, skin-to-skin, were all a little bit better. I asked the nurses more questions, and managed to enjoy the latter half of the day, after a shocker of a morning ☺️ I guess I just need to ensure that I’m still holding on to bits of life outside of NICU. So, when I’m in there, I feel a bit more balanced ⚖️ Happy Friday everyone, Rex and I are looking forward to more time with his dad over the weekend. Along with my mom, and Rex’s first meeting with his nanny and poppa 💕x”

Now, Rex gets to enjoy fresh air, foliages, flowers, and all the other wonderful things outside

Peace, love, and don’t forget to smell the roses, Fay x

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