A warm nest…

*I’ll be uploading my Instagram posts from our time in NICU, followed by a more recent picture of Rex, so you’ll be able to see the difference and keep-up with our journey*

10 May 2019

Weirdly, I actually miss the warmth and security of his incubator at times. I wish I knew i was providing the perfect environment for him to develop at all times.
However, I do not miss the rest of the machines, and what felt like, a million alarms a day!

“Hello, and happy Friday from Rex and I. We are both pretty tired today, with no plans to head out later, but that’s okay because we’ll have a long cuddle instead. And, that’s my new happy place 🥰

I’m learning more about how Rex communicates; it’s very different from a full term baby, because, well, he just didn’t expect to be out here so soon and is still growing and developing the parts of his brain needed to do certain things 👶

You’ll see in this picture that his mouth is open and he looks pretty fast asleep. This is one of the signs that he’s had enough for a little bit; he’s decided he just needs to be still and calm. When he’s had enough of an activity, like a blood test, scan, nappy change etc; he lets us know physically. Then we know to let him rest, cup him with a warm hand, and assist him back to sleep 😴

Rex also lets us know it’s time to pause or stop, by stretching out his limbs, scrunching up his brow, opening up his hands or making a tight fist. When he brings his hands up to his face quickly, it’s a sign that he’s trying to self-soothe, and doesn’t like what’s happening around him 😕

The best thing we can do for him in these moments is to help him relax as quickly and smoothly as possible. He loves being bundled-up, limbs tucked-in, much like he would be in my womb. He likes firm boundaries around him, so he has a “nest” made as a cosy surround. Warmth, cover, low lighting, and soft sound, all help him relax (same as me really) 🌛

Although I hate seeing him in any kind of discomfort, being able to comfort and soothe him is so lovely. I’m still getting to know my boy, and what he needs, but every day I realise I know a bit more about his body language, and how his actions reflect what we see on his heart and breathing monitors. I finally feel like my bond with him is strengthening, and everyone in NICU is incredible at ensuring I’m a key part of his care. We are a team in there, and aside from heavy medical jargon, I always feel like I understand what’s happening, and why 💫

Anyway, here he is, in his current favourite position. Remember that preemies are constantly monitored and rarely fidget much, so this is safe for him ♥️x”

Rex still gets plenty of tummy time – but, we are always there throughout. he’s never left to sleep like this alone (before the parent police come to arrest me). Anyway, look at his toes!

Peace, love, and secure feels, Fay x

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