Each peach…

*I’ll be uploading my Instagram posts from our time in NICU, followed by a more recent picture of Rex, so you’ll be able to see the difference and keep-up with our journey*

8th May 2019

I used to come home from NICU and make his crib-up, by putting different sheets, blankets, and muslins together.

“My essentials for Rex, when I go to visit him. A soft cotton/jersey blanket – this is for us both when we have a cuddle. It’ll smell of us both, and it’s a big deal coming out of his incubator, so he needs to be soothed by something familiar each time ♥️

Muslins – I’ll usually take in a freshly washed one for milk spillages, or to pop in his drawer for his next bed (incubator) change. And one that we’ve slept with in our bed so he has something that smells of mom and dad. Because Rex needs help to stay cosy and warm, we will double and triple-up on layers during skin-to-skin (or kangaroo care / cuddles). So, I’ll use this muslin as a layer, and it goes with him back into the incubator so that the transition is less of an ordeal for him💕

Miniboo – I described these in a previous pic. He’s started to grip and hug them more, and it actually makes my heart burst.

A book. I absolutely love reading to him. We lower his incubator and open one of the little doors. I sit next to him in an arm chair, often with my hand inside and placed over him. I go through each page – reading the words, describing the colours and pictures, and often I go off on a tangent so that each page lasts as long as possible 📖

I keep my voice calm and quiet the whole time. Rex hasn’t got the skills (just yet) to cope with a lot going on regarding his senses. So, it’s important to focus on one thing at a time so that he doesn’t get overwhelmed or stressed. I’ll warm my hand and place it on him and talk to him softly for a while before we start the story so that he adjusts to the new situation. When I’ve finished the book, I’ll leave my hand on him for a while to ensure he’s sound asleep, before I take it out 😴

Then he rests before anything else happens. He is comforted by my voice as he recognises it – he’s been listening to this brummie accent since day one ☺. Yesterday was super tough. I was so looking forward to a cuddle and was all set, but due to a couple of changes, we were unable to have one. Obviously, it’s vital that Rex’s health and wellbeing comes above all else. However, the break in our little routine really upset me, and I cried a lot. Hoping for a better day today🌧🌈☀x”

Now, i get to pop Rex in his crib, use all the cute stuff we have, and talk and read to him whenever I want. It’s dreamy!

Peace, love, and sweet dreams, Fay x

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