I guess things escalated…

Oh hey! It’s been a while. So, if you’ve been following me on Instagram; you’ll already know that my baby boy arrived, early. Super early. Rex decided it was time to party at 28 weeks + 4 days. It was unexpected, and we’ve had a tough old road to navigate, ever since. However, he is healthy and home now, so, I thought I’d take the chance to pop in and say hey. I’ve been full of writing and content ideas ever since he arrived actually. I felt really drained during pregnancy, so I think Rex’s arrival has kick-started the bit of my brain that has the urge to create and document things again. So, here I am. I’m a mom now, and it’s pretty magical and savage all at the same time.

This was the day after we had arrived home. I had friends coming over, I had makeup on, I had prosecco in the fridge. These factors meant I was extremely happy in this picture x

I didn’t want my blog to die a slow death. So, while I’m getting the hang of keeping a very tiny human alive; I thought I’d start uploading a few things in the simplest way possible. About a week after Rex was born, I started posting on Instagram again. It was such a good way for me to process what was happening during our stay in NICU; reading my words back helped me move forward with each day. I’ve purposefully left out major details from this post. This is because I’m going to start by sharing those Instagram photos and words on here. I’m hoping this will revive hey it’s fay a little, and give me the chance to find a writing routine that suits me, and more importantly; Rex. For those who don’t follow my Instagram (why-ever not?!), this will also be a way for you to find out a bit about what’s been happening since April 2019.

You will notice that a few days later, my makeup had increased, along with the bags under my eyes. However, so had my happiness to have my boy home x

Basically, you can expect my blog posts to be copy-and-paste pieces for a bit. I hope that’s okay. I will bulk out the information and emotions when I feel it’s necessary. Then, I will start uploading some of the pieces I’ve been thinking about writing for 12 weeks.

I thought coffee was an essential part of being a freelance writer. However, as a mom, IT IS LIFE!

Peace, love, and baby brain, Fay x

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