I Got Fressh, And So Should You

I’d heard so many great things about Fressh, a plant-based food haven for veggies and vegans alike. Therefore, I was more than excited to go and try what they had on offer during a busy Friday lunchtime (everyone seems to treat themselves to lunch out on a Friday, so I felt it was a good chance to check out the service too). The space was much like the name and branding; fresh, light, and down-to-earth. There were plenty of places to sit down and eat, and I could see the food on offer clearly from the menus above the service counter. There was a queue, but our (my husband and I) order was taken within a couple of minutes by a friendly member of staff. We felt welcomed and excited to try the food.

The meat-free menus (I know, right?) and Vijay – you should say hey to him; he’s lovely
What could be clearer
I loved all the natural light

We stood and ordered at the counter where I could see an array of the salad ingredients; a bit like Subway but without that weird smell (I’ve never been a Subway fan). I decided on the Taco Bowl. I have to say this is purely because of another food blogger’s Instagram stories; Nutella Tasha was enthusiastic about that option, and I trust her opinion. I also went for a Matcha Latte with coconut milk; I liked how you could switch your plant-based milks depending on your taste, at no extra cost. Marv went for a Son of a Bun Burger and a Hot Chocolate with coconut milk also. Because we chose to eat in; we were encouraged to take a seat, get comfy, and our order would be brought out to the table; another nice, welcoming touch. Even though there was a queue; the food and drinks were coming out pretty quickly, so don’t be put off if you’re after something speedy on your lunch break and Fressh looks full; you will be served in good time (and with a smile).

A chance to check your social media before being served
Breakfast and drinks

We found a table by a window; perfect for watching the world go by. There were people on their laptops and phones, and it just had a lovely relaxed vibe that I’d happily go back for. I felt like there was no pressure or rush to leave, which is always nice. Then, our food arrived speedily, and my eyes lit up. The taco bowl had a mix of salad, but I was most excited about the walnut-based taco mixture on the top; it reminded me of chilli, and the whole thing was presented in a way that made you want to get stuck in. So I did. The nutty mixture was texturally really pleasing, and had plenty of flavour. I mixed it with the lime crema (the saucy addition; zig-zagged across the top), and did my best not to eat it all before I’d reached any of the salad. The only thing I’d have changed would be that the salad was presented in separate elements. I loved being able to see each of the ingredients; however, mixing it all together was a little challenging as there were some spillages. This was no big deal though, and didn’t take away from the flavour. There was crunch, crispiness, and a mix of earthy, sweet, and fresh flavours from the salad. The tortilla chips were a lovely addition; I’d have liked double these, but I’m greedy.

Taco Bowl (£4.45)
Taco ’bout tasty…

I was definitely full after I’d finished, and feeling stuffed for £4.45 seems like great value to me. I sipped my Matcha Latte, I love the bitterness of matcha, and the sweetness of the coconut milk complemented it perfectly. It needed a few minutes to cool down before it was drinkable, but this is great if you’re grabbing one to take back to work with you, as there’s no way it would get cold en route.

Matcha Latte (£3.45) those cups don’t lie!

Although I don’t regret my choice one bit; when I looked at Marv’s burger, I did get a pang of food envy. It was only right that I got try some (/take a big bite out of it). The vegan patty was so good; made up of sweet potato, chick peas, and mushrooms, the earthy sweetness was a delight. It came with gherkins (woo), vegan cheese, and was surrounded by the softest bun. I loved that you could swap the bun for something gluten-free, so I’d be able to take my mom, who is coeliac, for a burger and fries. Speaking of (the also GF) fries; the ones we ordered were lovely. They were substantial enough to hold their own as you dipped them in sauce, crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy within, and everything you’d want from the potato partner to your meal. Yum. Marv’s hot chocolate with coconut milk (£2.55) was incredible. He’s pretty picky when it comes to the chocolatey drink, but he said he’d happily take a trip to Fressh just to grab one.

Son of a Bun burger (£5.25) and GF Fries (£1.45)
The most generous gherkin slices ever…a classic burger and fries option for vegans (and everyone else)

We ate and drank everything we had ordered and there was nothing we wouldn’t go for again. I plan to pop in for breakfast next time and try the coconut porridge. The service was lovely, the venue is super easy to get to (5 City Arcade), and whether you’re vegan or not; you’ll find something delicious to fill you up. I love that Birmingham have a busy plant-based option where I can go without checking on the ingredients, and can leave full and smiling; I’d recommend it to all.

More please!
It’s time to get Fressh! Or at least visit and try it x

Peace, love, and taco jokes, Fay x

*I was invited by Grapevine Birmingham to eat and review the food at Fressh. My meal was complimentary, and we paid for Marv’s. All opinions, pictures, words, awful jokes, and appetite: my own (with the odd contribution from Marv).



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