#BRUMBLOGMAS Day 12: Christmas Sparkle

Is there anyone or anything more sparkly than Mariah Carey? No. A divisive opinion, but I am wholeheartedly a Mimi fan, a lamb, and part of the lambily. I am used to the eye rolls; don’t worry, I literally don’t care. She’s the best. Music Box was my first ever CD; I got it when I got my first CD player for my 10th or 11th birthday, and I’ve been hooked ever since. She is even more of a fan of Christmas than I am; she loves the word festive, and has released two Christmas albums. Therefore, when I found out she was bringing her All I Want For Christmas tour to the UK; I exploded with excitement, composed myself, and bought tickets. My lovely friend Lucy said she’d come with me, and I’m so glad she did; however, I’d have totally made the trip to Manchester alone.

So, we made it through the rain snow, and went to watch Mariah, in all her festive glory, perform a shit load of Christmas tunes, a few of her classic hits (including Hero; I died), and the show concluded with All I Want For Christmas Is You; I cried. It was the third time I’d seen her live, and I think it was my favourite. The (obviously) real Santa made several appearances throughout the night, there was lights, a huge tree, wreaths, ballet dancers, twinkles, glitter, and just. So. Much. FESTIVE. True Christmas sparkle. I loved every second.

New favourite tee (the “M” decoration wasn’t bought for Mariah specifically, it is for my husband Marv. However, decorations are subjective, aren’t they…)

I’ve included the videos from my Instagram stories on the night; apologies for the quality, but the lighting and my excitement didn’t help me get the best content. However, it will give you a teeny taste of one of my best sound/sight experiences ever. All the sparkle!


Peace, love, and yooooooooou! Fay x

I received this for Christmas 2015
Inside was my other present – I was told that Mariah wrote this personally…I have chosen to believe this always and forever.

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