#BRUMBLOGMAS Day 11: Friendship

I’ve got some pretty amazing friends. As it’s Brum Blogmas; I thought I’d pop some pictures of our annual German Market get-together that happened on Friday (8/12) to keep it brummie and festive. Obviously, I wish all of my friends were there so that I could include everyone in this post, but this was the squad on Friday. I’ve known some of these girls for about 20 years (god I’m old); we have to stay friends forever because we all know too much (haha). I’m grateful to have people who I can be completely be myself with, can make my stomach hurt with laughter, and who have seen me at my worst and still love me. I won’t make this too sentimental, but here are some of the best, doing what they do best…

We drink well together…it is always encouraged. Lucy, Moi, Jenny, Lisa, and Clare x
Same situation, but 3 years ago (good old timehop)… Me, Clare, Lisa, Cara, Jen, Lucy x
Lucy lives in The Netherlands, so it’s always good to drink together see her. Even if we do look like we are modelling knitwear for a 90s catalogue
When we start feeling the cold; we always head elsewhere for more booze festivities 
My Insta stories tend to fill up when I see this lot. Here is Jen; she is the selfie kween…me; not so much…
As I’m the only one who lives in the city centre; I get an array of images through WhatsApp. They document their journey home. I might get in trouble for this one x

Peace, love, and besties, Fay x


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