#BRUMBLOGMAS Day 13: Gift Exchange

As I haven’t given out, or received (and opened) any Christmas presents just yet; I thought I’d say a few things about the gift that keeps on giving (to me). I am so grateful for the NHS; it keeps me alive, and all my care, medication, and hospital stays are absolutely free. When I look at the situation in other countries, and how costly it is for diabetics, people with autoimmune diseases, and those who have other health conditions or problems; I feel very very lucky.

Just a smidge of my monthly prescriptions

This year the NHS, more specifically the diabetes team at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, gave me an Omnipod. This bit of kit has changed my life completely, and I’d never have been able to afford it on my own. Last year the ENT team took my thyroid out because it was being an arsehole, they also cared for me as I recovered, and ensured that I was discharged as soon as possible on several other hospital stays. All free. The year before that, the NHS, and the team at City Hospital,  saved my life (I missed my wedding as I was rushed into A+E, but that’s a whole other story) and stopped my kidneys from failing as an infection spread. In between all the major changes, life-saving treatment, and hospital care; I’ve been given the medication I need to stay alive. I’ve had an understanding ear to talk to, honest advice and help, and I’ve been talked back around from utter despair. All for free.

Time, care, and advice is a regular thing at my QE appointments
Insulin and a pod…a post on this coming in the new year…

I will talk more about my Omnipod next year in a post all of its own, as the changes have been incredible. It’s not easy dealing with all the health-related stuff every day, but the NHS make me feel like one of the luckiest people alive. I literally would not be here without it, and mainly; those who work there. Nurses, doctors, surgeons, ambulance drivers and paramedics, midwives, and everyone else who works so hard within the NHS to keep us going; thank you. What a gift. The best gift.

This was Boxing Day last year: I was treated asap, given meds, and was able to go home that night. Fingers crossed I have a better Boxing Day this year!

Peace, love, and gifts, Fay x

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