Brum’s Best Button? Quite Possibly…

The beautiful Laura, aka Bite Your Brum, was kind enough to offer me the place of her plus one for an event called “Press For Champagne” last week. Because I’m a level-headed, adult woman; I said yes immediately, and was the first one to turn up outside Birmingham’s Museum & Art Gallery, where the event was to be held. More specifically; the champers was to be served in the beautiful Edwardian Tearooms, which is somewhere I head to on a regular basis.

I loved walking up the stairs and through a little of the museum at night, when it was so quiet and serene. Ben Stiller wasn’t there, but it has all those magical, Victorian museum vibes that I love. You know, like the echoes of your steps and voices, and the sort of clean but old scent in the air. If I’m having a difficult day; you might just find me checking out the Pre-Raphaelites, before grabbing coffee and cake in the main tearooms. Or, sometimes, in the smaller one; which you’ll find if you walk straight-on through the museum instead of turning right. Anyway, enough of me wandering off around the building to find cake. Back to the star of the show; the Piper Heidsieck (*pictures self with a beehive and a cigarette in the style of Patsy Stone).

The perfect mix of grandeur and cosiness; total interior inspo for when I’m a rich old woman with cashmere and pearls. Until then; I’ll hang out here, and dream…Ooh look! Champagne!

The very short description of what’s now on offer in the decadent venue, is that there are buttons to press, and you will be served a glass of bubbly when you do so.

However, I like to put myself in such a position in my mind, and imagine the reasons I’ll be returning with my index finger at the ready. A tough day of work; walk in, sit down, press for a restorative glass of fizz, or one of the delicious looking cocktails, to help piece together your overworked soul again. Something to celebrate; skip in, jump down, eagerly push that button because you’re ready to make a toast to life, or yourself, or just champagne. Christmas; it’s frickin’ Christmas, so let’s have a glass of something swish and seasonally sip away. You love buttons; the temptation to press one that results in Piper Heidsieck is an opportunity for button lovers to have the best day ever! The list is endless.

The button is there. The instructions are clear. There is nothing more to say. (Apart from that I encourage you to press it)
The fizz menu…If you go for the Piper Heidsieck Rare 2002 bottle; you’re a baller and I salute you (also, lets be friends)…

All guests were lucky enough to try the champagne, some had more glasses than others, but I actually just sipped on two (which I feel was very restrained and ladylike, and I never ever feel very ladylike). The fact I reached for another glass, however, goes to show just how much I enjoyed the first. I’ve never been one to order champers in a bar or restaurant, and if I need some fizz for a celebration; it’s hello Prosecco, or a G&T. When I have drank Champagne in the past; I’ve never been that into it, kind of like when I watch daytime T.V. It’s been inoffensive, and sometimes fun, but I’ve rarely, if ever, been excited by it. Well. Obviously I haven’t been drinking the good stuff. This fizz was smooth, not too sweet, but with no harshness, and didn’t leave the back of your throat feeling raw. I didn’t even hiccup, which is unheard of.

The Champagne was complementary, which I’m sure helped it go down with ease. However, I genuinely appreciated the taste. My wine palette is not the most (at all) refined, but I can taste quality, and this shiz was a delight. Lots of teeny, delicate bubbles meant that they stayed where they should, and there was an almost creaminess to the texture. Yet it still remained a refreshing drink. I’d happily continue drinking it in the future, and I shall refer to it as Piper now because I feel we’ve reached a friendly stage pretty quickly.

Looking at the menu; I would definitely opt for a Kir Imperial on my next visit, because I’m all about that cocktail life. I can honestly say that having never had a Champagne of choice before; Piper Heidsieck is now the one (I just need to work on my pronunciation). I have already arranged a “co-working” session, with Laura, but without a laptop or any means to do work. I’m excited.

Girl’s gotta eat: Piper and popcorn! Also, floor goals.

Listening to a little of the history about the house of Piper Heidsieck; I was enthusiastic about hearing that Marie Antoinette had also had a glass or two, along with Marilyn Monroe…I mean, if it was good enough for those bosses… The evening was so lovely; I got to hang with some familiar blogging faces, and managed to meet some new ones too. As an anxious soul; the relaxed atmosphere and glasses of fizz helped me calm down, and everyone is so lovely anyway, I had nothing to be nervous of. (Husband. If you’re reading this; you know what to get me a glass/bottle of next time I’m feeling uneasy. Just saying). Will I return? Yes. Will I press for Champagne? Yes; I’ll have a cocktail, but dream of a bottle. Is it worth it? Yes. I have always adored the Museum and the Edwardian Tearooms, and now I can increase my fancy levels when I want to treat myself or celebrate a special occasion.

Cheers, and happy button pressing! x


Peace, love, and Marie Antoinette, Fay x

I was a guest of Laura, who had been invited by East Village PR. I was under no obligation to write anything, but I did because I had a jolly good time. Also, sharing is caring, and the Champagne was an unexpected hit for me.

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