Pizza And New Ciders At The Stable

On the same night that I had a right nice time pressing for Champagne in The Edwardian Tearooms; I was also invited to go and sample some new ciders on the scene, at The Stable. Having visited before to indulge in carby, cheesy circles of heaven, and one of their cider tasting boards (I highly recommend); I was looking forward to sitting down with some of the lovely faces I’d hung out with just 10 minutes ago. ODC Drinks was launching two new, vegan fruity ciders, and as a huge supporter of independent and local drinks brands; The Stable was the perfect venue to sample them. Mango Fandango and Pomegranate Panache were the flavours coming at me from Aston; where they were made (just like Ozzy Osbourne), and I was happy about it.

Fun, fruity, and Brummie…what a resume!

Normally, I prefer a very dry cider; the kind that makes you talk like a pirate or a Cornish farmer after a few sips. As a diabetic; I don’t have the sweetest tooth, especially when it comes to drinks, as those things will hit your blood sugars fast. However, it doesn’t mean I dislike sweeter, fruity ciders, especially at BBQs (for some reason), so I was still looking forward to the drinks. I tried the pomegranate option first, and the mango second. Personally, the Mango Fandango was hands down my favourite of the two; it wasn’t as sweet as the Pomegranate Panache, and I just preferred the flavour. These are definitely ciders that are best served over ice, in a tall glass; they’d be perfect to quench your thirst and take the edge off a tough day. Fruity cider fans will not be disappointed, especially when they’ve found their preferred flavour.

I like the branding, but why didn’t the tiger wear a hat? Maybe tigers aren’t hat animals…

I think the pomegranate option would suit the festive and winter season more; there’s something about that fruit that makes me think of Christmas, and indulgent food. It could be a great basis for a mulled cider, and I think I’d appreciate it more with some spice. If I were to pick up another bottle up; it would be the Mango Fandango, and I’d serve it over ice, with a shot of ginger. Both drinks made the perfect partner to the pizza that was to follow (if my diabetes nurse is reading this; it was one night! Let me live my life! Also, you’re great, and I love ya).

FOUR cheese? Yes please!!

I frickin’ love the pizza at The Stable. They’re served on a board, with a pizza cutter so that you can dictate how massive you want your tasty triangles to be. I love triangular foods, because they are an arrow to your mouth, and always head in with no trouble. Pizza, sandwiches, toast, nachos; arrows pointing towards where they need to be. Anyway, I tried their Four Cheese Special (£11), and it sure was special. Wookey Hole aged cheddar, Dorset Blue Vinney, Billy The Kid goats’ cheese cheddar, and Ford Farm smoked red cheese all melted together, and packed a flavourful punch. The cheese wasn’t just a creamy, salty background flavour; it was the star of the show. I could really taste the blue cheese coming through, which was so good, and balanced out the sweetness of the cider.

I’m writing this as I sip a miso soup. I might have a little cry…

I’ve always preferred a pizza base that veers more towards being thin. I like it crispy around the edges, softer and doughy towards the centre, and rustic with plenty of toppings. The Stable provides pizza which tick all my preference boxes, and I was delighted to see that they have a totally vegan menu, and plenty of veggie options too. For those who fancy something else with their cider; there are pies and salads available, a great looking dessert menu (with a cheese board – woo!), and you can grab a wrap at lunch time. You can also pop in and enjoy soft drinks, teas and coffees; however, if you are going to be drinking cider, the taster board is brilliant and changes regularly.

Look who I spotted en route to Hotel Du Vin (blog coming soon kids)…

ODC cider fits right into the the relaxed brummie vibes of The Stable, and you’ll find plenty there to satisfy every palette. The Aston-based brand will be expanding their flavours, so I’m looking forward to what they’ll bring out in the future, and who they’ll pop on the bottle.

Peace, love, and triangular food, Fay x

I was invited by Birmingham PR agency Delicious PR and the food and drinks were complementary. All opinions are my own, and I had a thoroughly lovely night; I will return again, more than happy to pay for my food. If you have an issue with bloggers receiving free food and drinks; you need a hug, a cider, and a slice of pizza x

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