#BRUMBLOGMAS Day 09: Winter Warmers

When I think of winter warmers; I think of hot food and drinks, but you probably suspected that anyway. Therefore, I thought I’d include a few of my favourite hot beverages that you can enjoy around Brum at this time of year. I’ve picked these in particular, because of the taste, and the festive settings. There’s nothing like removing your mittens to hold a hot mug of something tasty; I love that feeling of my nose thawing out as I slurp whatever I’m holding. I drink a tonne of coffee each week around Birmingham; however, that’s a whole blog post in itself. Here are some alternatives that are worth trying…

Baileys Hot Chocolate at The Frankfurt Christmas Market in Birmingham. A hot drink in a festive setting with a good slosh of booze? Merry Christmas!
Turmeric Matcha Latte at Yorks Cafe in the IKON gallery. The colour says festive leaves, the taste is sweet and earthy, and it’s full of antioxidants so that you can polish your halo before you scoff a mince pie. I think Yorks Cafe in the IKON is one of my favourite coffee and brunch spots in Birmingham; well worth checking out!
Salted Caramel + Clementine Christmas Hot Chocolate at Hotel Chocolat Cafe. I adored this; it’s more of a dessert, but not sickly at all. Plenty of chocolatey orangey goodness, and something I’d share with Santa.
Hot Chocolate at the Edwardian Tearooms in BMAG. The hot chocolate is good, but it’s more about the venue here. The lights in the museum tearooms are so beautiful, there’s a big Christmas tree, and the option for a festive afternoon tea. Somewhere to escape the shops and the market on the run up to Christmas.

Peace, love, and hot alcohol, Fay x

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