Spa Babies: A treat for parents, as well as little ones

If you follow me on social media (if not, why ever not? @heyits_fay); you’ll have seen my pictures of Rex, enjoying some quality spa time, at Spa Babies. And, as a mom who blogs; I had to share the joy with everyone. I first discovered Spa Babies, on Instagram, through the lovely Jenna Farmer‘s account. Seeing her baby boy, Jude, with a mini robe and towel-turban on, literally made me squeak with delight. I had to get Rex in on that spa life action.

Photo 16-09-2019, 12 29 17
Sums-up the vibe pretty well…zzzen.

I’m pretty awkward and socially, very anxious; therefore, the idea of some baby sensory, that didn’t involve me wielding a tambourine, whilst sat in a circle, was most appealing. I had a good scroll of the Spa Babies Instagram account, and loved the sound of a session that focused on bonding with your baby, in a relaxing environment. It felt like something that would be a retreat for parents, as well as a beneficial experience for little ones. Also, I was still obsessed with the tiny towel turbans, I mean, how effing cute. So, I direct messaged my “enquiry”. This went along the lines of, “just take my money, teeny tiny robe, please!”. Or, something like that, anyway.

Owner and, in my opinion, genius, behind Spa Babies, Lisa, got back to me promptly. She gave me all the details I needed to pay, and where and when to show-up, ready for a lovely hour, with my boy.

Photo 16-09-2019, 12 46 48
Some QT, with my cutie.

We walked-in, and, any nerves I was feeling beforehand, were immediately alliviated by Lisa; she is warm and friendly, and just the kind of person you need when you’re feeling a bit vulnerable. And, yes, I was feeling unsure of myself; I hadn’t been out alone with Rex much at that time, I was surviving on about 3 hours sleep, and was cluster feeding on-demand, so, frazzled was an understatement. There were 4 or 5 (sorry, I’ve forgotten) individual areas, set-up, with plenty of space for mama, baby, and all the stuff that comes with. The lights were off, with stars and shapes projected around the walls and ceiling, there was the sound of soothing music, and, it was just the most calm I’d felt in ages.

Photo 16-09-2019, 12 46 01
Rex was a little bit small for the bath toys, but they’re perfect for babies who can sit-up and enjoy the water

Lisa guided me over to our little sanctuary, and I popped Rex down on his mat, next to his own, mini jacuzzi, or whirlpool bath. There were towels set-up, a tray with organic baby oils and lotion,  a little bucket and ball (for bigger babes), and classic spa decor and lighting. It was all just lovely.

Once Rex, and the other spa attendees, were undressed; Lisa guided us through each peaceful step of the session. She made sure that we all felt comfortable and confident, before it began too. It was going to be absolutely fine if someone needed feeding, or cried, or had a call of nature (I know she was talking about the babies, but I felt like it’d be okay, if I did any of these things also). We popped our little ones into the tubs, and switched on those all important bubbles. Little boys especially like the bubbles from underneath. Rex loves the water anyway; however, the darkness, lights, music, and bubbles, were a recipe for absolute zen. This part lasted about 25 minutes or so.

When it was time to get him out of the bath, there was a fluffy towel to wrap him-up, and dry him-off with. A nappy went straight on and Lisa explained what the oils and lotion were for. It was time to experience some positive touch and further bonding with Rex. There was a choice of scented and un-scented baby oil (we went for the one that smelt of, well, loveliness). I learnt how to gently apply, massage, and use positive touch, with the oil, and it’s something I still do after most bath-times. Then, it was time to use the lotion for a baby facial (I know, still cute); the emphasis throughout, was to keep talking to Rex, make eye-contact, and enjoy each moment together.

Photo 16-09-2019, 13 34 50
My work here is done.

Feeling totally chilled-out (both of us), I then fed him, and he dozed off. The fact he was asleep, made the next bit pretty straightforward and super adorable. It was time. Cue tiny towel-turban and mini robe, yaaaaaay! Lisa sets-up a little area, where you can photograph your blissed-out baby, in all their spa attire glory. I think I took approximately 1000 photographs (slight exaggeration, but you get the idea). As I said, Rex was asleep and oblivious to the whole photo session, but, Lisa was great with the other babies, who were very much awake. With 2 lively boys of her own, she’s a pro when it comes to wrangling tots and keeping them smiling.

2019-11-18 13.08.30
Spa Babies The Sequel: There were slippers.

I adored it. I booked to go back again, pretty much as soon as I got home, hence the pictures of Rex at his 2nd session. We returned to experience the same level of care and relaxation from Lisa; however, this time, THERE WERE TINY SPA SLIPPERS TOO. Yes. Your baby gets to wear little slippers, to match their turban and towel. We’ll be heading back for a third session soon (once I’ve shifted this January lurgy), and we shall be arriving with sliced cucumber, for his eyes. Obviously.

2019-11-18 12.22.15-1
We were happy to be back!

Lisa runs sessions in Solihull and Leamington Spa. There can be up to 2 adults, along with baby(ies). If your little one is between 0 and 9 months, and you want to book, I’d do it ASAP. As you can imagine, Spa Babies sessions get fully booked, really quickly. For more information, head to @spa.babies on Instagram, or contact them at It really is some time for the parents to enjoy, just as much as your baby. This tired mom, left feeling floaty, and Rex slept like a dream.

2019-11-18 13.08.39-1
Just a guy, making great relaxation choices.

Let me know if you go with your baby, and take ALL the photos!

Peace, love, and zen, Fay x

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