It’s been a long road…

*I’ll be uploading my Instagram posts from our time in NICU, followed by a more recent picture of Rex, so you’ll be able to see the difference and keep-up with our journey*

So, here’s the last one in my Instagram NICU journey. It was long, it was so tough. However, we are well and truly out the other side now. As soon as we walked through the door with Rex, we started a more “normal” family life. And, it’s been one hell of a parenting rollercoaster, ever-since. I have plenty to write about, that’s for sure!

I hope your new year has started how you’d hoped. Ours is looking bright, tiring, exciting, and I feel ready (ish) for what Rex, and motherhood, have in store for me. I’ll be back soon, chatting about things I’ve experienced, and things I’m currently experiencing. Right, back to July of last year! It sounds like such a long time ago, but, sometimes, it feels like yesterday…

5th July 2019

Good old stork, delivering pure magic, as usual x

“After 68 days, we are home. Happy Friday indeed x”

Peace, love, and farewell to NICU, Fay x

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