Tiny meals…

*I’ll be uploading my Instagram posts from our time in NICU, followed by a more recent picture of Rex, so you’ll be able to see the difference and keep-up with our journey*

13th May 2019

I can’t believe that he’s now able to drain both boobs in about 20 minutes, and, sometimes needs a top-up of expressed milk!
I’m always grateful that I was able to at least feed him my milk.

“It’s been quite a good weekend with Rex. He is off his ventilator and oxygen completely. So, he just has his breathing mask on now, to help to keep his lungs open enough, to assist him breathing on his own 😊👃 His feeds have now reached a point where they are the maximum he can have for his weight. They keep increasing too, which means he keeps putting those ounces on 💪 and yes, I’m very proud of him ♥️ He’s too little to know how to handle breastfeeding/ bottle feeding; that will hopefully come in a few weeks. I long for this day so much. But, I do get to feed him my milk, just a bit differently 🍼

A tube goes into his stomach, and the milk is popped in a large syringe. My milk is being frozen/stock-piled, so it’s measured up into his syringe, in a sterile environment. Then it’s brought into the ward and put in the fridge 🥛

When it’s time for his milk, we warm it up in a little heater, then it goes in his incubator to stay warm while we get him ready. The nurses have carefully taught me each step so that I really feel part of looking after him – I’ve even been signed off on a competency course so that I can just get on with it (obviously, the nurses are all there should I need support).

I have to check the ph levels in Rex’s tummy, to ensure he’s digesting his food properly, and can handle the amount of milk he’s taking. I do this by drawing a little fluid out, and putting it on a ph strip, then wait for the colour; light orange to red (5-1) and we are good to go. Yellow to green (6-10) and we wait; however, this hasn’t been happening the past week or so 💖 I always put back in what I’ve taken, as these are precious calories for him 😋

It’s important to feed him slowly to make it a comfortable experience. I can adjust the speed the milk goes down, by how high I hold the syringe (the lower the slower). It takes about 10 minutes, and my favourite time to feed him is when we are having a cuddle. It’s the closest I can get to the “normal” feeding experience right now. But, I’m happy to do it in his incubator too; because I get to gaze at his perfect little face.

Wishing you the best Monday you can manage ♥️ love Fay + Rex x”

Sometimes, nighttime feeds are my favourite. It’s quiet time, just me and Rex, and it’s all I craved when he was in NICU x

Peace, love, and yum, Fay x


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