Teeny nappies…

*I’ll be uploading my Instagram posts from our time in NICU, followed by a more recent picture of Rex, so you’ll be able to see the difference and follow our progress*

7th May 2019

Photo 04-05-2019, 21 03 44
I could start to recognise some family features at this point, and it was lovely
I still can’t believe he was this teeny!

“Yesterday, Rex was a week old! That week has honestly been the biggest blur of my life. It’s been a mixture of every emotion there is, all while trying to adjust to our new life for the foreseeable ♥️ Rex did his first 💩– a situation I never thought I’d be so excited about 😂 but every little thing in NICU means progress, and I like to celebrate them. He had also saved it for my first nappy change on him, so it was special moments all round 😂

I’m getting less nervous around his cares now.  Cares is when we clean him from head to toe, and he gets a fresh (super tiny – swipe to see) nappy. Preemies actually don’t appreciate little gentle touches – their balance hasn’t developed yet 👶

So, secure and firm touches throughout his cares is what we give him. It usually takes two – so someone can be cupping his head, bum/legs, and tummy, while the other does the wiping. Again, the wiping is better a little firmer, from Rex’s point of view. We never lift his legs up for his nappy change – it’s feet together, knees bent up, close to the body, and sliding in and out with the old and new nappy 💕

When he’s all fresh, it’s about settling him with two hands over him so he’s bundled-up in his favourite position. Then he needs to rest. Every small movement to a preemie is pretty huge. And they need their energy to keep getting stronger 💪♥️ We are getting into our own routine, and it’s been good for me as I feel like I can still do mom stuff – even if it’s a little different. The whole situation is a massive challenge, so focusing on these practical tasks each day helps to keep me going, along with all the love I have for him. I’m lucky to have him x”

Rex often touches his face. Sometimes it’s a feeding cue, sometimes, it’s just because he’s chillin’

Peace, love, and cute bums, Fay x

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