A Shout Out To Saint Kitchen: Thanks For The Consistently Lovely Coffee + Brunch

I have lived just off St Paul’s Square in the JQ for over 4 years now, and there has been a friend on the square, with whom I’ve become very attached. Saint Kitchen has had a couple of makeovers since I arrived in the area, and has got better and better each year. It now provides me with a place where I know I will get a great cup of coffee, and if I’m feeling hungry; there are loads of veggie breakfast, brunch, and lunch options for me to enjoy. I’m forever telling people to meet me there for coffee, I head there with family and friends, and you know I love it because I always take my mom when she visits, and my mom is a kween and deserves only the best.

This is probably a large oat milk latte (it’s what I tend to have) £2.90 – check out their drinks menu here x

Therefore, I’ve been meaning to write up a review of Saints for aaaaages. You can probably already tell that I am going to champion this place, but I thought I’d share some of my faves from there menu. It’s also a big thank you; their food and coffee have cured many a hangover, brought some joy to my sad days, and I’ve just found out they they’re dog-friendly (game changer). I have gone through my phone and my hard drives, and picked out some recent pictures of what I’ve ordered and demolished.

This is decorative evidence that I’ll go to Saints, even when it’s freezing outside x

I will start with their coffee. Never bitter, always smooth, and now they do oat milk; perfection. Shots by Saints has just opened up even closer to my front door; this is a much smaller venue, where the focus is on what the barista does best, but you can also grab a baked treat, sandwich, or a salad. I’m going to do a separate post for this place, because if a coffee shop could be your BFF; this would be mine. Anywho, whether you like your caffeine black with no frills, or you prefer a creamy, smooth treat with perfect latte art; you will not be disappointed.

I think I’ve mentioned before, but my husband doesn’t drink coffee (I know, WTF). However, he’s able to enjoy a delicious hot chocolate in Saints. They have a variety of options regarding what chocolate you’d like them to use, ranging from white to dark, and they’ll deliver a delicious cup of chocolatey goodness. They also do a tea selection, and there’s always cold drinks waiting for you in the fridge. They have provided Cosy (my pooch) with a dish of water too, so it doesn’t matter who you take with you; their thirst can be quenched.

A transitional photo so that I can start to introduce the food…

There’s always an array of baked treats and pastries at the counter where you order your coffee, so if you’re not in the mood for a meal but need a little something to nibble on, you’ll have something to choose. Right, I’m going to kick off with my favourite item from the all-day breakfast/brunch menu; the veggie breakfast. I now order this without the beans, because I can’t stand them (not just Saint’s beans; it’s a hatred for any). However, I do appreciate that the beans always arrive in their own pot, on those (possibly hungover) days where I’ve forgotten to ask for them to be removed. The veggie breakfast comes with a decent slice of sourdough toast, covered in smashed avocado (seasoned to perfection), toasted halloumi, cooked tomatoes and spinach, baked (sizeable) mushrooms, sautéed potatoes, and poached egg. For the weirdos bean-eaters out there; they are smokey (I checked out the menu online here).

This delight, that arrives in an enamel tray (which is amazing because your food doesn’t fall over the side, which can be a problem when your ravenous and over-enthusiastic) has never ever let me down. I’ve never had to reach for the salt and pepper; there is always just enough of both, and the halloumi always provides that salty goodness. Every element is fresh and cooked so that the food and flavours both shine. It’s a really thoughtful and well-executed breakfast, and it leaves me absolutely stuffed (which is a challenge for many). There’s also the option to replace the egg and halloumi for roasted squash and falafel; making it a great option for veggies and vegans alike. And, for you meat eaters, you can have a more traditional brekkie which includes your bacon and sausages, so there really is something for everyone. Highly highly recommend.

Veggie Breakfast (sans beans) £10
A tray full of dreams

Next up, I’ll mention the Saints’ Style Smashed Avo, something I’ll choose often, if I don’t think I can manage a massive breakfast/brunch. The avocado has the zesty kick of lime and it’s folded with quinoa, which gives the creaminess some more texture and bite. It’s topped with halloumi (an addiction I’ll probs have forever), red peppers, a poached egg, little yogurt dollops, chilli flakes, sumac, and it all arrives on a big slice of toasted sourdough. Praise be. Let me use this moment to confirm that whoever poaches the eggs in Saints, has that shiz down. They will pop, and the yolk will cover whatever you want it to. A crucial part of brunch for me, and very much appreciated. This option will fill you up without you feeling like you’ve violated yourself, and there’s plenty of fresh flavours with a background heat that ensures it’s a very moreish dish.

Saints’ Style Smashed Avo £8.00
Brunch goals

Please see below for poached egg-popping satisfaction…

Every now and again, I’ll choose something random from the menu because I’m in the mood for variety. I know, you’re probs thinking how does she keep up with such a high-octane and exciting life? It’s just who I am. Again, I’ve never felt disappointed or let down by what’s arrived to the table. I’ve had the pancakes on a day when I had a craving for something sweet, the scrambled eggs on toast with a big mushroom when I wanted something quick and super simple, and a bagel with smoked salmon because I was feeling fancy. Each plate is always beautifully presented, but more importantly, the texture and flavour combinations have all been perfect. You will never feel like your portion is too small, everything is super fresh, and there’s always those little extras regarding surprising additions to the plate, that ensure you know how much they love what they do.

Saint Kitchen is a place where I feel relaxed, but I leave with the sense I’ve had a treat. The service is always lovely, and it’s why I return most days weeks. I suggest you pop in and discover what I keep waffling on about…

Coconut Milk Pancakes with Vanilla Yogurt, Seasonal Berries, and Coulis £7.00
Sourdough Toast £1.20 with Scrambled Eggs £1.00 + Baked Mushroom £2.00 (£4.20)
Smoked Salmon Bagel with cream cheese + lemon £ 6.50

Peace, love, and egg-popping, Fay x

3 thoughts on “A Shout Out To Saint Kitchen: Thanks For The Consistently Lovely Coffee + Brunch

  1. I really like this post Fay, it’s really lovely to read something that’s less of the formal went-here-ate-this and more an ode to somewhere you really like to return to over and over. I often think about doing something similar about Loaf in Stirchley, because I have the same fond feelings for it, but it never felt like a place I could review because the structure is a lot different.

    I’m also really pleased you mentioned Shots, because I’ve walked passed twice on my way to catch a bus for a meeting and I wanted to go see what it was about, but was a bit worried it wasn’t actually a coffee shop. Might try and do that tomorrow.

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    1. Sorry Laura! I just spotted this… thank you! Yes, i might do more of this style as it feels quite natural to write. There are so many places I keep going back to in Brum -it’s nice to be able to give people an insight into more of a menu 🙂 I’d love to hear more about Loaf; I think I first heard about it from your twitter actually! It’s another o my never-ending “must-visit” list x


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