Hey hey hey! I’m Still Here. Just About…

So I thought I’d do an update on here (I almost said “super-quick update” but, lol) as it’s been a while. Life is currently a bit overwhelming, so I kinda feel like I’m out of breath as I write this (imagine I’m on the phone, walking up a hill, but, the motivation of there being coffee at the top of the hill is very much there). I still love my blog, and have future plans for it; however, it can’t be a priority for me at the moment, because it’s not helping me to pay my mortgage and it doesn’t contribute towards my skincare addiction. Shelter and good skincare are key to my overall happiness obvs.

Waiting for the caffeine to kick in like…

I have so many food-related blogs, mental health pieces, and general wafflings to write up or finish. There is a mixture of reviews I need to do, and just places I want to shout about because I love them (Saints Kitchen and Shots by Saints; I’m looking at you guys). But, I’m desperately trying to manage my time well right now so that I’m not completely frazzled. I’ve had my first couple of articles posted by Metro online. This is great news, and I’m very excited to continue writing for them, about type 1, mental health, Graves’ disease, and everything that comes with it it all. However, I still have a full-time role with another company, continue to take on random freelance content jobs, I’ve fallen in love with vlogging, my health is up and down as always, and I still enjoy making the most of living in such a great city. I am busy. Not like Beyonce busy (even though, I bet she has a cleaner and rarely cooks), but I am definitely feeling all the adulty responsibilities and feels, and they are weighing me down a bit (okay, a lot).


My mental health has really taken a battering lately, and it’s due to a number of factors. Life stuff is happening, has happened, and will continue to do so. And, I don’t always feel very well equipped to handle things. The feelings of being a burden and a waste of valuable space crept in again last week, and it was quite a dark time. Thankfully, things have improved since, and I’m making some changes with the help of my husband, family, and friends. I start pilates again on Monday, have a new counsellor to talk to, and am being kind to myself. Most of the time, the meanest person to me, is me. Although, I’ve seen some *insert insulting names of choice here* on Twitter lately, but, that’ll never change.

Photos by this guy I know with a camera borrowed from this other guy I know – big love and thank you to Marv + Fury x

I think I’m just going to make my blog a place where I share exactly what I want, when I want. I’m taking the (self-inflicted) pressure off. I love writing and recording things; all kinds of things, even random thoughts and photos of me drinking iced lattes and eating avocado on toast (I’m so blogger). Anyway, I’ll leave this here I think; I’m feeling too philosophical, which can sometimes suck the humour and joy out of things. If you’ve read this far; you are awesome, you are never a burden, you look gorgeous, you deserve a hug and a chat with someone you love, keep being you because you’re great just as you are.

Quarter Horse do incredible coffees + delicious avo on toast (the chilli flakes are sprinkled perfectly) x

Peace, love, and iced lattes, Fay x



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