Wayland’s Yard: I’ve A Hunch You’ll Love This Brunch (totally winning at rhymes)

Dear Fay,

Would you like to come and try the coffee and brunch offering at the new Wayland’s Yard on Bull Street, in your favourite city of Brum?

Love from

The lovely team at East Village PR x

(this is how I read the email anyway; there may have been some artistic licence with the wording and my interpretation of what was said)….

Fuck yeah I would! 

(again, this may, or may not be the exact response I sent, but I felt like swearing today, and you know my love for brunchin‘)

A cosy welcome to Wayland’s Yard; perfect if you fancy a coffee sat on something soft

Industrial, relaxed, and friendly vibes greeted me as I walked into Birmingham’s latest brunch spot. There was plenty of brickwork with pops of colour scattered around, and an array of seating options so that I could imagine bringing my mom for a civilised cappuccino and also crossing my legs on the sofa whilst getting some caffeine-fuelled work done. There are also window seats (my fave) so you can people watch brummies (also my fave) while you sip and nibble away. Then, to my left; I spotted a counter full of treats. So many treats. I particularly loved the look of the gluten free brownies; these were shaped like oldskool sofa beds, and you’d need to be prepared to really open your mouth to take a bite. But, if something takes a little effort, then you’ve totally earned that sofa bed brownie!

I also have to give a shoutout to Kobe! The resident Wayland’s dog was a total babe, and almost distracted everyone from the food and drinks. Almost.


As it was the evening (which is also an excellent time for brunch foods may I add); I was a little nervous about drinking coffee. I didn’t want to be awake at 4 am, thinking about: if the universe is always expanding, then what’s it expanding into? I’ll leave you with that one. Anyway, I asked for a decaf, which was no problem, and was really impressed with what arrived. It was smooth without bitterness, yet still packed enough of a coffee punch, without any late night palpitations; lovely!

There are real coffee skills in this place, and I highly recommend going to try one.

Next, it was time to take a seat and enjoy some food. First up was Eggy Crumpets, yes; you heard me right. Like french toast, but using crumpets! Just when you think brunch has no surprises left; along comes fried eggy crumpets, served with halloumi, chilli jam, and fresh chilli, ketchup, and salad leaves. What a joy that plate of food was; I think I told everyone who’d listen about those circles of delight, and here I am again. The texture of a crumpet feels indulgent on its own, but after some time frying in a pan, enveloped by egg; it takes on a new persona. Hanging out with salty halloumi, fresh and sharp chillis, and sweet chilli jam only added to the celebration in my mouth. A little ticker-tape parade happened when I scoffed that delight, and I shall return to inhale it again and again.

Oh hello you…Eggy Crumpets £5.95
Worthy of a close-up x

As a non meat-eater, my next course was a delicious salad. I can’t lie; I was still thinking about that crumpet, and wasn’t that excited for whatever was coming next. However, I was pleasantly surprised with a plate full of flavour and texture. The Cayenne Roasted Sweet Potato Salad was a delight; there was loads piled onto my plate, and it would make an incredible lunch. There was plenty of pep in the spicy sweet potatoes, and lots of warmth and earthy flavours in the paprika chick peas. There was also crunch and freshness from the onions and leaves, and I felt it was a great way to showcase how accommodating Wayland’s are for veggie and vegan diners. A lovely salad option, but I wouldn’t necessarily choose it again, because crumpets.

All the flavours

Our final savoury sampling was the Aussie Eggs. I lived in Oz for a few years, and I’m a big fan of eggs, so I was already looking forward to their take on the dish. Sourdough toast was topped with a (perfectly) poached egg, covered in pink hollandaise sauce and avocado hummus. Normally, it would come with chorizo; however, the staff at Wayland’s are more than happy to adapt your dish to your liking, which is great because I didn’t have to miss out on trying the pink hollandaise.

Everything was very tasty; I particularly liked the avocado hummus, although I’d have been happy with sliced avo or guacamole because avocado, eggs, and toast are sister wives that will go well together forever. The pink hollandaise was pink because it had beetroot in it, which is fine but I couldn’t really distinguish the flavour very much. However, I do tend to be led by design and the visual aspect of something first, and I loved the Insta-worthy presentation of this dish.

It looks quite red here, but trust me; it was a bold pink hue! (also this was a half portion, so expect double for the price) Aussie Eggs £6.95

Each course was served with a different drink. I didn’t try the first two as they were coffee based, and I was still slurping my delicious decaf. However, the Aussie Eggs came with a teapot full of magic. Aka Blue raspberry Tea, aka Unicorn Tea (as named by EV). It was one of those lovely teapots where you push the liquid down into your cup; methodical and fun (the dream). We were then told to squeeze some lemon into the purple liquid (which matched my nails perfectly that night), and we all sat back and watched it change colour to pink. Yaaaaay pink! Sweet, refreshing, and sharp (depending on how much lemon you squeeze); this was just my cup of tea. I’ve since returned to Wayland’s and had the Unicorn Tea sans lemon, which I personally prefer; so, try before you squeeze kids.

Blue raspberry Tea from Bluebird Tea Co £2.20 (with free hot water refills – woo!)

Lastly we were served an array of delights. I only managed one bite of that gluten free chocolate brownie, and my mouth did not regret it. My stomach was another story; my stretchy trousers had reached their limit at this point, but I still ate enough to know that it was a decent brownie. I also tried a sip of cold brew tonic; blimey, this isn’t one for the faint hearted. It was a little bitter for me, but it could be a grower? It took me ages to like gin and tonics, and now they’re an essential part of my life, so who knows?! Maybe I’ll give it another go when I’m feeling brave. There was also a normal cold brew, which was far more palatable; definitely one for if when the warmer weather arrives.

We were spoilt rotten x

I was too full of liquid and carbs to put anything else into my body, I felt like the Type 1 diabetes gods were frowning. For the type 1s; I popped some carb ratios into my omnipod at each course, which proved very successful. I’m all for staggering your doses, especially with carby/sweet meals. Another reason I love breakfast and brunch is the carbs tend to arrive in portions I can calculate with ease (it’s the small stuff).

As I said before; I’ve since been back to Wayland’s Yard for a Unicorn Tea, and a veggie breakfast (which was the bomb). The staff in there are so welcoming, everything is super chill; just like brunch should be. I will be returning regularly for the quality coffee, and the rest of the food and drinks selection. I even have a keep-cup (thank you Wayland’s) so that I can grab a takeaway and polish my halo on the way out. I’ve nothing but positive things to say about the place, and urge you to go.

Peace, love, and pink hollandaise, Fay x

*I was invited to try the food and drinks at Wayland’s Yard by East Village PR (thanks so much). Everything was complementary. All pictures, words, and opinions are my own x

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