Cake Is The Best Medicine

Hello and a very happy new year! If you’re embarking on clean/healthy eating to detox after Christmas; I’ll stop you right now and suggest you save this post for another month. If, like me, you are carrying on as normal (normal being filling up on every craving); please continue, I hope you enjoy. My husband and I have long wanted to go to Medicine; it was like an urban legend you heard about, and the place to get the dreamiest cronuts in Brum. So, to cheer ourselves up on a bleak Saturday; we headed into the city centre (New Street to be specific) to stuff ourselves full of deliciousness. Medicine is easy to spot; you’ll see a sandwich board, a pretty awesome neon sign, and we were greeted by the friendliest guy selling various treats and bread, who encouraged us to get inside out of the cold.

Get your carby fix 7 days a week!
When Sunday morning came; we regretted not buying one of these loaves. You live and learn.
Beautiful buns…as you can see; things tend to sell out pretty successfully

The entrance housed a beautiful chandelier, and a stairway to heaven, or the rest of the bakery and seating area. The stairs aren’t challenging, but when I reached the top; I felt I’d earned whatever it was I was about to eat (that’s my logic, and it keeps me happy). To my left was a table full of baked treats, but my eyes went straight forward, to the Pizzant behind the counter…

Prescribe yourself some of these mate. ASAP.
Sliced delights
All the food groups here – this is next on my long list of things to try
Medication for your soul. Mainly your stomach. But, also, your soul.

Okay, so now it’s time to tell you about my piece of Pizzant. If you’re feeling sharp today, you’ll have probably guessed that it’s a pizza on a croissant. It was the highlight of my weekend (as well as precious time with my loved ones etc etc); I think I groaned with delight at out table. I couldn’t speak words. The texture of a croissant base coupled with the sweet and sharp tomatoes, creamy Mascarpone, and nutty, earthy pesto was my idea of a slice of food heaven. When I did manage to speak (there were definitely flakes of the base around my mouth) I think I managed to say something about it having a pizza my heart…my husband is so lucky. I did allow Marv to have a bite because we’re married and I felt that I should, but for the record; I didn’t want to. Watching someone else consume my Pizzant was a bit of a dagger to me, so I retrieved it as soon as possible to inhale the rest. If you’re able to eat gluten (sorry mom) and dairy; I beg you to go and grab yourself some Pizzant. You will leave smiling, I promise.

*plays angelic music* This picture doesn’t do it justice at all. You HAVE to try one!

I was also impressed by my coffee; it was smooth and with no bitterness. I needed that caffeine to help my body cope with all the feelings I was having from my Pizzant. There are some bakeries where I’d buy something to eat and have to travel elsewhere to grab a coffee, but Medicine’s offering is more than decent and I’d happily order again.

There are vegan and gluten free options available (yay mom) x

There were other savoury options available too, like pots of lentil dhal served with some of the sourdough, which sounded divine. Anyway, before leaving we had to grab ourselves one of the legendary cronuts. We managed to get the last one (it was fate); one is fine for two people as they are nearly as big as your face. However, if I hadn’t had my Pizzant (I love saying that word now); I’d have easily eaten a whole one. The cronuts are an absolute must. Buy one, eat it, be forever happy that you did the first two things.

The last cronut (on Saturday, not ever; don’t worry)
Lunch time inspo…

It’s been a weird start to my year, and by Saturday I was feeling a bit low. So, thank you Medicine; you were just what I needed. I prescribe everyone in Birmingham and beyond a trip to Medicine Bakery!

Peace, love, and repeat prescriptions, Fay x

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