#BRUMBLOGMAS Day 23: Wind-down Routine

I bloody love winding down, but that’s the sort of crazy lifestyle I lead in the winter. After a busy day out and about, my first priority is to take my bra off. Sorry if that’s TMI, but if you’re a bra-wearing human, I think you’ll get what I mean. On this occasion; I’m going to run a bath. Baths in winter are my favourite. I realise you would assume my bra would have to come off for this anyway, and you’re right, but I’ve probably pottered about for a good hour pre-bath. Right, now you’ve read that riveting bit of information; I usually take my make up off in a hot bath with a balm or face wash.

I’ll then pop a face mask on, because I hate washing those off over the sink when I’m in clothes; therefore, I save them for bath time. I do use my phone in the bath; I told you I was crazy. My phone has bunny ears which are super easy to grip, and I’ve never dropped it yet (touch wood). I’ll also use a body wash, then rinse my face mask off, before grabbing a towel from the radiator (mmmm…toasty).

Currently working my way through these…I prefer the Glossier Moon Mask, but the Mega Greens Galaxy Pack exfoliates better x
As you can see, I’ve loved my Mario Badescu Body Soap; it’s like oldskool soap, but really gentle and doesn’t dry my skin out. I think I’ll do a separate post on the Glossier Body Hero range, but the consistency of this oil body wash is incredible x

After I’m dry, it’s time to moisturise from head to toe. My varying thyroxine levels mean that I often get quite dry skin, so I do get through a shit load of body lotions, creams, and potions. I will literally grab one of the many in my drawer, and on this occasion; it was another Glossier Body Hero.

Soaks in, not too greasy; I’d say it’s definitely better for dry skin, so I love it x

Next, I’ll put freshly washed soft things on, aka nightwear. Yes, I do have bunny ears on my dressing gown.

Soft soft soft. On the left there is a deer onesie; it’s a bit like a body condom, and will repel your other half, but it’s bloody comfortable.

A face serum or oil, and a lip balm, is next on the list; I’m a skincare addict, so it varies week to week in regards to what I use.

The Rose Hip Oil is so nourishing and perfect during the evening when I’m not using any more makeup. I’ve found that the Lactic Acid helps with my operation scar; it’s far better than any Bio Oil type things I’ve used, and it’s cruelty free. The Glossier Balm Dotcom is phenomenal. Stupidly expensive for a lip balm. But so good.

I’m usually peckish by now. So I’ll take myself into the kitchen to find something to eat and drink in front of the T.V. As it’s Christmas; I picked a box of chocolates from The Chocolate Quarter (a lovely independent chocolate shop in the Jewellery Quarter) and decided to make a Snowball (a 60s cocktail that tastes of a 60s Christmas; divine).

I mean, have you seen a cuter Christmas pudding
A Snowball: A glug of Advocaat, a slosh of lemonade, and a decent helping of lime juice. Pour over ice into a 60s style glass. Add a bit more lime, a couple of glace cherries, and, because it’s Christmas; pop a little brandy in there for good measure x

Now, it’s time to find something festive to watch. I went with A Christmas Horror Story earlier. I do not recommend. Thank god for Netflix and the Holiday Favorites category.

Can you tell I’ve used the Fireplace For Your Home video more than once. 
Fancy seeing you here! Shall we have a cuddle?

Peace, love, and a drop of brandy, Fay x

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