#BRUMBLOGMAS Day 05: Decorations

Much like my favourite festive films; I can’t pick just one or two decorations. All of my Christmas decorations are special to me; they all hold memories, and I know exactly where each one is from. I love an eclectic mix of styles; at the moment, I’m favouring vintage style glass ornaments. However, if something is sentimental to me; I’ll love it, whatever the style. I like to pick up baubles if I see them on my travels and I always get some decorations for my birthday, or if my mom has been off travelling somewhere (which she does a lot, because…retirement). I’m addicted to Christmas all year round (which is why I’m in a bad mood for the whole of January) and am always on the look out for things to hang on the tree. Anywho, the following are some of my festive decorations; I won’t say they’re my favourite, because I don’t have one…

I lied. This is my favourite. My dog’s middle name is Santa because if I ever have kids; my husband won’t let me use the name for them. I LOVE SANTA.
Gotta have a little bit of Disney!
I’ve been obsessed with Russia and Russian things since I can remember – I got this beauty for my last birthday, thanks mom! x
My favourite animal from my favourite book – I picked this up from the Alice shop in Oxford this summer
I got married in this city. It’s my favourite place in the world, more specifically; Brooklyn. I hope to spend a Christmas or two there one day
He’s a teeny tiny glass snowman. Have yourself a cute Christmas!
When Selfridges opened in Birmingham; it was really exciting. It was the place to be (and walk around looking at things you couldn’t afford as a teenager…or now). My mom and I went in the first Christmas it opened and I picked up this goose. Her name is Geraldine, she is beautiful.

Peace, love, and geese, Fay x

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