#BRUMBLOGMAS Day 03: December Style

I love winter fashion; if you have to layer-up, you can wear so many items of clothing at once! As it’s day three of Brum Blogmas; I thought I’d share three of my favourite items from my wardrobe at the moment. Wearing them makes me feel very happy, as clothing should…

ASOS Jumper with Fairisle Yoke (£25)

I do love my knitwear, and this jumper spoke to me on many levels. Mainly it said “BUY ME FAY! IMMEDIATELY!” I never argue with knitwear.

ASOS RAINBOW Sequin Ankle Boots (£38)

I was on the hunt for everyday winter boots. Then I found these. They are sparkle, spangle, magic boots, and I feel shiny in them.

Zara Faux Fur Bomber Jacket (£25.99) – I can’t find a link, so here is similar

You know you’ve bought a great jacket when people want to hug you more often. I do leave a trail of fluff behind me and on everyone around me, but it’s so they think of me when I’ve gone home.

KNITS + SPARKLE + FLUFF = my December style. Let me know yours!

Peace, love, and spangles, Fay x

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