Crispy Cravings Fulfilled by Digbeth Market Kitchen at The Anchor

So, I was invited to an evening of whiskey (which can also be spelt whisky! I know, who knew? Well, Vicky did actually) tasting. I’m not drinking.

“Don’t worry! There’ll be food, and some of the best company in Brum”. I’m there. What food though? Where is it? Can I smell the whiskies instead?

It’s gonna be great pub food with Middle Eastern and Asian twists, from Digbeth Market Kitchen (more specifically, Mike).  Dreamy.

It’s at The Anchor Pub in Digbeth. Never been, but looks perfect.

If you really want to. Thanks for humouring me guys, I love ya.

I was sent the menu in advance, and it was a close tie between the falafel flatbread and the crispy tofu. I chose the latter, because I’ll often eat falafels, sometimes a few times a week, so I wanted something I wouldn’t create at home. I also ordered some hand cut twice fried chips, because it was Fryday…

Somewhere you can take all your friends, no matter their intolerances, allergies, and preferences

(Just popping in to explain that Vicky organised the whole evening, booked us a room, and her, and her lovely Husband Dan, were kind enough to bring a suitcase of their own whiskies for us to try, or sniff, in my case. I will be doing a separate post on the various things I discovered, and a little round up on the night as a whole, because it was super fun)

Please order the crispy tofu with homemade pickled veg, served on toasted tiger bread, with (vegan) sriracha mayo. It will be a £6.50 well spent, I promise.

Crispy Tofu with Homemade Pickled Vegetables served on toasted Tiger Bread with Vegan Sriracha Mayo and Shredded Lettuce £6.50
A crispy, crunchy, munchie, chunky, killer pub sandwich.

I cannot fault this sandwich on flavour and texture. The tofu was super crispy, as it was hugged by the lightest of batters. The three layers of tiger bread were toasted just enough to create a firm vessel to bring everything towards my mouth, without the risk of droppage (messy eaters, I feel ya). The crunch of those pickled veg was perfection for me, and gave a chunky depth to this filling sandwich. I even appreciated the shredded lettuce, it was there adding a fresh, clean element.

But, it was the sriracha mayo which ensured that everything on the plate was having a massive group hug. There was plenty of spice and zing, which warmed you up, and hung out well with the vinegar in the veg. It was so good. It would be such a great pint companion, or whatever your beverage of choice may be. The only thing I’d think to change, would be the appearance; I’d just prefer to have had a little more colour, as it looked a little washed-out on arrival. Perhaps some vibrant-hued pickles? I don’t know, as I wouldn’t want anything to change how it tasted. I soon forgot the aesthetics once I’d munched down. I had to mention it, because I often eat with my (one good) eye first, before I smell and taste my food. **UPDATE** Mike has confirmed the addition of red cabbage, meaning that this sandwich is now pretty perfect.

It felt like it was in the right environment, as it was like a pub sandwich, but with a degree, or even a masters. I would definitely order again. Even if you’re a meat-eater, I feel like you’d totally appreciate this one.

Hand Cut Twice Fried Chips £3.00

I didn’t need the bowl of chips I ordered, but, I’m still glad I ordered them. Yes, I totally polished them off too. They were a chippy delight; proper homestyle, rustic carb treats. Fluffy, soft spuds were encased in a crispy jacket, and they’re just lovely. These will make the perfect bar snack to soak up your drinks, and, they’re super moreish.

I was also lucky enough to sample the homemade hummus with carrots, celery, and bread (£4.00). However, I can’t find a photo (sorry). I’d recommend this as a little solo or share starter; it was a great way to get my tastebuds going, with plenty of garlic.

Mike shared how he really wanted the menu to cater for all, no matter what your food preferences or needs might be. I love this, it goes to show that there’s plenty of exciting dishes out there, and you needn’t feel too restricted, even in a pub setting. He cares deeply about what he brings out of the kitchen, and it’s more than evident when your plate arrives. The Anchor itself is beautiful. Everything you’d want from a proper old school pub environment. When I walked in, I automatically pictured it at Christmas, and wondered where the decorations will go; if I imagine somewhere during the festive season, it means I like it.

I’ve been told to try those falafels, so, I’m going to have to return to give them a go.

Peace, love, and sriracha mayo on everything, Fay x

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