#BRUMBLOGMAS Day 20: Festive Treat

You might think this post is going to be all about the treat that is cheese (with wine and gin thrown in for good measure). You’d be half right, but the real treat was having the lovely Laura, George, and Emma over to enjoy a table full of food with me at home. Shout out to my mom who donated some of her homemade chutneys (my husband does her jar labels) and a bottle of wine! I had a failure with the Brie sadly as it was rock solid; a sad time for gooey, soft cheese lovers everywhere. But, apart from that, all the rest of the cheese was a hit. I added an array of biscuits, some olives, humous and crudités, some vegetable crisps, some walnuts, dates, and dried cranberries (for a bit of festive decoration). I had my Mariah tour tee on with some glittery trousers, and I was feeling all the Christmassy food feels.

That Goats Cheese was one of my faves (along with about 8 others)

Annoyingly I didn’t take many pictures after the guys arrived; but, I can tell you that Laura bought with her a brick boulder wedge of cheddar from her wedding cake, just casually in her handbag as you do, and it was a lovely smooth and mild delight. Next to arrive was George, with a big piece of Manchego (another highlight for me), another Wensleydale and Cranberries, and a bottle of Malbec. George also treated my dog to a bag of treats, and they are now friends for life. The table started to groan with food and booze, but we still had one more guest to come. Emma didn’t disappoint; she bought fizz, and the first Burrata I’d eaten outside of a restaurant, and it was a big white sphere that I’m now addicted to. The following video represents my thoughts about Burrata, sort of, but obviously, I’m a little more gleeful when it reaches my face.

Anyway, the treat came when we all got to get stuck into what we enjoy doing most; eating. There ain’t no party like a food blogger cheese, nibbles, and booze party. I lit my YouTube fireplace on my desktop, and we sat on the sofa to have a good old catch up. If you bump into Laura, please can you ask her to tell you her thoughts and feelings on Fifty Shades of Grey? I could listen to Laura, George, and Emma’s rundown on that book for hours.


I had definitely eaten way too much by the time everyone had left, and continued to do so as I cleaned everything away (with my mouth). It was a lovely way to spend an evening, and it felt super Christmassy; a treat indeed.

Peace, love, and big white balls, Fay x

P.S. Apologies this is so late! x

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