#BRUMBLOGMAS Day 07: Bloggers On Your Nice List

Since I started this blog; I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some absolute poppets, lovelies, sweet peas, good eggs, and (if you haven’t vommed yet) those who should live on nice lists everywhere. As someone who suffers severe social anxiety at times; I was a little worried about getting into blogging and travelling out to events, and meeting new people. However, I shouldn’t have worried because I’ve met so many kind and genuine peeps. Thank you for saying hey, chatting online, entertaining me with your writing or videos, and generally being so warm and welcoming. I’ll stop throwing love hearts out of your screen now and get on with my list…

Their weekend whip

Here are some of the #BrumBloggers and vloggers that I appreciate, whether I’ve only met them online, read their blogs, watched their YouTube, or have been lucky enough to hang out in real life; Santa is coming for ya! (reading that last bit back; it could sound threatening, but I mean you deserve treats this Christmas, and Santa is always lovely)…

Laura: Bite Your Brum. Beautiful eating machine, funny, leopard print enthusiast, gives a great hug, says the C word non aggressively, has the best wedding story. More here.

George: Caramel Latte Kiss. Comic book kween, podcast girl boss, non-pretentious, food and drink consuming companion, filthy sense of humour. More here.

Emma: Miss Pond. Scientific genius and potential saviour of humanity, quick witted, gin aficionado, doesn’t suffer fools, god damn kind AF. More here.

Sinead: Sinead Latham. Cute human creator, honest + hilarious Instagram story maker, super friendly, mom goals. More here.

Helen: Positive Fridays. Teacher of the next generation, funny, dry sense of humour, cocktail lover, super sweet. More here.

Laura: Full To The Brum. Birmingham food expert, dog lover, cyclist, will stop cycling to eat cake, open, witty, and really welcoming. More here.

Ting: The Ting Thing. Magical hair colour goals, organiser, intelligent, super friendly, gives me style envy. More here.

Vicky: Brumderland. Hufflepuff, whiskey devotee, gives you a good squeeze, full of facts, engaging story-teller, Birmingham enthusiast. More here.

Sarah: Rainbows and Roses. Super friendly, full of kindness, does fashion shoots in all weather. More here.

Ryan: Brummie Gourmand. Epitome of a foodie with a lot of knowledge about Brummie-based cuisine, funny, tall. More here.

Tasha: Nutella Tasha. Fellow pescatarian, beautiful food photo-taker, vegan enthusiast, I’m always jealous of her dinner in her Insta stories. More here.

Tracey: Devina May. So friendly, Kiss FM listener, happy to discuss Mariah with me, city break addict. More here.

Emily: Never Wears Black. Clue’s in the name; always rocks colour and looks great in pastel, weekly vlogger; has often got me through my lunch time with a smile, DIY goals. More here.

Charlotte: Charlotte Ruff. Disney go-to, weekly vlogger; has also made me smile on my lunch hour, loves a great steak, full of restaurant recommendations. More here.

Heather: Heather Connor. Lovely brummie blogger, fantastic photographer, full of advice and knowledge, need to meet up for a cuppa more often. More here.

Brum Bloggers: Run by Laura + Ting. The reason I’m doing this list! Run a great Facebook group, excellent festive meet-up organisers, new blogger welcomers. More here.

Peace, love, and #BrumBloggers, Fay x

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