A Keen Bean Visits Kanteen (*spoiler: that bean was me)…

I first headed to the freshly opened Kanteen to meet up with Laura from Bite Your Brum to discuss food (mainly cheese), and grab a coffee. By the time we had decided to meet up; I’d already eaten my breakfast/brunch at Saint Kitchen, so I was too full up to sample their food. Laura hadn’t eaten by that point, and so I sat with enormous food envy as her Middle Eastern Eggs arrived, and vowed to go back to try the same dish. I did not break that vow (a vow to eat food is a serious commitment), and returned the following week to meet up with Laura once more for food, coffee and chats about food and coffee, and cocktails, and restaurants, and, cheese…

Kanteen is tucked into a corner in the Custard Factory in Digbeth; however, once you enter through the glass doors, you’ll find a light-filled, open, and fresh space. The place was pretty full, and the atmosphere was relaxed and friendly. The staff smiled and acknowledged me as I went to sit down on table 14. Much like the venue; the decor is a little industrial, and has plenty of foliage, art, and items to take a look at.

Where I parked my bum…(I found this print HERE for you x)
Plants, games, books, and menus!

After I’d grabbed  a menu; I headed straight for the till and ordered a coffee and Poached Egg with Middle Eastern Spiced Pickled (yeyah!) Beets Labneh Yogurt, Grilled Halloumi (double yeyah!) and Dressed Salad. I also asked for an extra poached egg, after Laura recommended doing so, and I’m glad I did. Then, I sat back down to power chat for a bit; my coffee arrived pretty quickly, and it was a smooth latte with a decent kick, without too much bitterness. I’d happily take coffee fans there for a cup!

Latte (or cawfee, as I tend to say in my head when thinking about one of my favourite beverages)

It wasn’t long before our plates arrived, and I smiled as a colourful array of food was placed in front of me. The poor quality of the picture is totally to portray how quickly I wanted to eat the dish, and has nothing to do with my outstanding photography skills (ahem…I’m sorry).

Middle Eastern: Totally Feastin’ (I’m not Kendrick Lamar okay!) Look at all the colours (insert heart eyes emoji)

For £5.45; I’m super impressed with the value for money and the quality of the food that arrived. Those poached eggs totally passed the pop test (pop the egg and it runs, but there’s no “snottiness”), and I loved the combination of those Middle Eastern spices, vinegary and crunchy pickled beets, and the salty halloumi (hallelujah for whoever thought to create that cheese) with the rich egg yolks.

It arrived with a little bit of toast which was a welcome surprise; however, I’d have actually liked a bigger hunk of toast to mop up some of the tasty sauces. I’d be happy to pay extra for some toast, and may ask if they’ll do me an extra slice next time I’m there. I was full up and more than happy with my choice, and coupled with the friendly service; Kanteen covers everything I hope to get when I visit somewhere new to eat.

Cakes for all! CAKES!

I love the look of the rest of their menu too. They have a great selection for brunches and lunches, and I cannot wait to return to try their acai bowl. Every dish on the menu has something to get excited about, and I’m keen to go back soon. It’s well worth a trip to Digbeth, and I encourage you all to visit, even if it’s just for a quality coffee and a slice of something baked…

Peace, love, and halloumi hallelujahs, Fay x

For more coffee, cakes, brunches, and lunches around Brum; please visit my Instagram – @heyits_fay x


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