A Matcha Made In Heaven

I thought I’d do my first recipe post today; it’s a super simple pancake recipe that I love (perfect for weekend breakfast/brunch/hangovers etc). These are pancakes that I cook a lot; however, I thought I’d add some of my matcha green tea powder to see what the results were like. The results were yum. Green. But, yum non the less. Can we just take a second to appreciate the plate above; it’s another item that I’ve permanently “borrowed” from my mom. It’s a piece of 70s magic, and the perfect plate for pancakes.

I’m a fan of this recipe because it’s so easy for me to carb count, which helps me work out my insulin. The egg is totally optional; so these could easily become vegan pancakes, although they’d have a different texture. I like adding an egg for extra protein, and it helps with the binding side of things. The same goes for the salt; I’m a salt addict, and love the flavour it brings to the party, but you could totally skip it. As well as matcha almond lattes; I will add the green powder to my porridge to give it a boost (caffeine + antioxidants), so I decided these pancakes deserved the same opportunity to shine (in a pond-green sort of way). Okay, it’s time to get your frying pan ready…

Matcha Pancakes Ingredients

These ingredients made 6 small pancakes (perfect for one person), I would double them if you have company:

  • 1 x Banana (I can never write banana(s) without singing the line from Hollaback Girl)
  • 1 x Egg (optional)
  • 1/3 cup of oats (40g ish)
  • 2 x bamboo scoops of matcha green tea powder (or a teaspoon, depending on preference)
  • Pinch of Himalayan pink salt (because I’m feeling fancy; normal salt is fine)
  • Coconut oil to fry (again; this is just because I love the taste it gives to whatever’s in the pan; any oil will do)
I use Pure Chimp matcha, and my coconut oil is from Aldi and incredibly good value (in my opinion)
  • Pop the coconut oil in your frying pan of choice a begin to heat it
  • Whisk your matcha powder with a couple of teaspoons of hot water, until you have a green liquid
Do you like my fancy matcha set? It was a birthday present last year and I love it – I find making matcha lattes super therapeutic. Because I’m methodical, and obviously, easily pleased.
  • Put the matcha liquid and the rest of the ingredients in a whizzer (the technical term for something with blades that will blend stuff)
You don’t have to slice the banana, you can simply break it in bits and drop it in
  • Whizz until you have a smooth green batter
  • Pour batter into the frying pan – you can make one big one, or go for several little pancakes. I prefer to make more; mainly because they’re cute, and I feel like I have more food to eat
  • Fry for a few minutes, or until you can see little air bubble coming up from each pancake
  • Flip in a fashion you’re confident with, and repeat the above step
I’m questioning the appeal of this image, but this is how it looked I guess…
  • Place on a plate of your choice
  • Serve on their own as I did, or I have been known to add jam or marmalade if I’m craving more sweetness. I’m sure you have pancake preferences, so you do you

The matcha gives an earthy, and slightly bitter (in a great way) flavour; this might affect how you serve them. I think honey would be a tasty addition to these too.

The Shreks of the pancake world. Shrek is awesome.
I think these would make excellent Halloween pancakes…

Knife and fork optional (they’re bite-sized after all). Let me know if you try them, or how you’d serve them; I’d love to hear your thoughts. Don’t let the colour put you off; they don’t taste how they look!

Peace, love, and Shrek, Fay x

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