Sunday Best at The High Field

The High Field in Edgbaston has long been a food and drinks favourite of mine. I’ve never had a bad meal there, or suffered any bad service; actually, the service is lovely and one of the many reasons I keep returning. I’ve celebrated my wedding anniversary there (along with a stay in The High Field Town House), gone for an evening meal with friends, and regularly go to eat their vegetarian Sunday roast dinner. My sister-in-law and I were so devastated when a family roast there was cancelled, that we went on our own instead, stuffed our faces, and had I had to undo my top button on the way home (that’s one of my favourite feelings). What I’m trying to say is that I always enjoy my time at The High Field and leave full (craving more a few hours later).

Last weekend, the family booked in for Sunday lunch for a 65th birthday, and I thought (in the spirit of food blogging) I’d go rogue and venture off the usual roast dinner section of the menu. So I gave up my rights to the endless supply of extra roast potatoes, gravy, and Yorkshires puds that are on offer during the meal (yes, really; it’s like home but there’s more food) and chose a few things I hadn’t eaten there before. That’s the riveting, edge of your seat kind of thing you can expect from this blog; the exploration of uncharted areas of the menu and an account of what I find there, all in the name of eating…

Brixham Crab, Potato Blini & Sour Cream, Spring Onion Salsa

Let’s commence with the crab I had to start; I love to begin a meal with seafood (as a pescatarian, it’s no big surprise) and this little plate did not disappoint. The presentation wasn’t my favourite; however, I’m not sure how you can add finesse to what is essentially mashed crab meat with a dollop of sour cream, so it didn’t put me off at all. I spotted dill in the salsa, which worried me a bit as it’s one of the (very few) flavours of which I’m not a fan. But my husband told me it was no big dill (witty man) and to get on with eating it.

I did eat it; I ate it all in about four mouthfuls, including the dill, and I enjoyed every bit. The portion for a starter was ideal for me; I was left wanting more food and couldn’t wait for the main course. For my personal preference, it could have done with a little more seasoning, but I can never get enough salt and pepper and they’re on the table to adjust a meal to your palette so it wasn’t a problem. The potato blinis were soft and moreish; and were the perfect ship for the crab to sail into my mouth (apologies if my metaphors are killing you, but I love dropping one in here and there). The dill didn’t bother me at all and the crab tasted fresh; the sour cream was a welcome addition as it balanced out the textures and flavour of the dish.

Salmon & Cod Fishcakes, Spinach, Poached Egg & Hollandaise before the moment of truth…
Salmon & Cod Fishcakes, Spinach, Poached Egg & Hollandaise post the slicing of the egg

I do love a cake, and fishcakes are no exception; these were full of flakey tender salmon and cod, seasoned to perfection, and had a crispy exterior which was a delight to bite into. Hollandaise is a tricky one to get right; however, this sauce was silky and flavourful with a delicious ping of citrus, making it an ideal companion for the fish. The spinach was a decent green addition to the plate, but I’m not sure I’d have noticed if it wasn’t there. It didn’t ruin the meal and probably made it nutritionally balanced, but I was so excited by what lay on top that I ate the spinach as a bit of an after thought (sorry spinach).

Now for the egg. The poached egg was a dream. It was like a Victoria’s Secret model of the poached egg world and I cannot stop thinking about it. Poached to perfection and the yolk was rich, warming, and contrasted with the sharp hollandaise and salty fishcakes. It’s the sort of egg you’d happily pop on top of an array of meals and proudly slice open at the table. My poached eggs never turn out like this, but we all have dreams and goals to aim for, so I guess I now know what I’m working towards. As a main meal, there was plenty to fill me up and I’d choose to eat it again, but perhaps not on a Sunday; I was surrounded by roast dinners and did end up stealing a little of someone’s Yorkshire pudding (I’m sorry). The Yorkshires are as big as your face though.

Cheese Plate – Camembert Gillot AOC, Coolea, Worcester Blue, Celery, Garden Chutney & Crackers

Finally, I sacrificed my dreams of crumble and custard (another High Field favourite), and chose the cheese plate (selfless, I know). The Worcester Blue was my winner, and tasted great without the need for a cracker or the chutney. The Coolea had more of a mellow flavour than I’d expected for quite a brittle cheese; I enjoyed it the most with the addition of the garden chutney (which was crunchy, chunky, sweet, and all the things I wanted it to be). I tend to like my soft cheese pretty ripe, and the Camembert seemed a bit too firm for my preference; however, the flavour didn’t disappoint. The cheese plate as a whole was a tasty end to the meal and I’d eat it again (but I’d ask about the Camembert).

So, it was another successful dining experience at The High Field. I don’t think I’ll be venturing away from the roast dinners if I go on a Sunday though, but mainly because it’s the best veggie Sunday roast I’ve found in Brum so far. I missed delving into the accompanying stuffing balls, cauliflower cheese, and veg, and I really missed the fruit crumble and custard for pud. I thoroughly enjoyed my delicious meal, even with the tinge of jealously I felt looking at the rest of the table, and I left loosening the belt tie on my dress. Job done.

I’ll leave you with some images of previous veggie Sunday roasts that I’ve indulged in, and highly recommend treating yourself to one (every week).

Peace, love, and Yorkshire puds, Fay x

See: I never lie about the size of food
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For details on the High Field, take a look here.

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