Have You Damascena These Falafels?! (apologies; it’s been a long week)

After what seems like ten years (a minor exaggeration) of work, work, work, work, work, you see me I be work, work…you get the Rihanna gist of things; I thought I’d come and write about another lovely dining experience I had on Saturday. After contemplating whether to walk into the city centre, because I wasn’t sure if it was going to chuck it down (*shakes fist at cloudy sky); you may have guessed by now that I did, and I did not regret my decision. It did rain by the way, but it was a little bit of stinging rain, and not that big old fat rain (any Forrest Gump fans out there? See here).

I know I’m late to the party, but I didn’t even realise that a Damascena had opened up in town; I’ve only visited the one in Moseley before, so it was a nice surprise. I knew what I wanted, and it was one of their fresh mint teas (with a crystallised sugar swizzle stick thingy), so I went in to get one and thought I’d try the food too (I doubt I’d be writing this if I hadn’t).

The best fresh mint experience you’re likely to have in Brum (yay swizzle twizzle stick)

There’s nothing like piping hot minty liquid with a touch of sweetness to warm your soul after being in the rain; I highly recommend having one if you’re visiting this lovely Syrian Cafe. We (I had my husband in tow) grabbed a table at the back of the packed cafe, and I think it was only one of a couple left to sit at. The atmosphere was super relaxed and the service was warm and friendly. It’s quite dark at the back of the building, but I quite like the cosy vibes, and the decor on the ceiling is immense; I loved it.

Ceiling Goals.

Along with my mint tea; I ordered a fresh avocado and dried fruits milkshake. This was a  creamy, dreamy, indulgent delight. For any type 1s, or people watching their sugar intake, it did pack a punch on my glucose levels as it was hard to gauge how much dried fruit was in the drink, so I underestimated what insulin I needed. However, those of you who don’t need to think about what your sugars are saying; go forth and slurp!

Fresh Avocado + Dried Fruits Milkshake

Next; I ordered some food. I chose what to have as soon as I read the word falafel on the menu. I’m a falafel addict, especially since I’ve stopped eating meat; sometimes I dream about them, so I’ve nibbled them for breakfast and those are the days that get off to a great start. I chose the Falafel Wrap, which contained fresh crispy falafel made from ground chickpeas, drizzled in a tahini dressing, wrapped up neatly in a flatbread (I’m so hungry right now). It said that there were gherkins on the side, which also excited me, but when it arrived there was a plethora of pickled things and I wanted to cry happy tears.

There was plenty of crispy and crunchy goodness that coupled the soft flatbread perfectly. The wrap was packed full of flavour; tahini and falafels are a match made in food heaven. The portion was just right, and I was pretty stuffed after my milkshake; I (fa)laffed all the way home (I didn’t; that would be a bit strange, but I had to get a pun in. Apologies).  My husband went for the Grilled Halloumi, which was also served in a flatbread with salad, and also arrived with pickles (which I ate; marry someone who isn’t fond of your very favourite foods so you can eat theirs). He seemed to like his wrap, but I was too wrapped up (teehee) in my own meal to take any notice, and I was also mesmerised by the pickle dishes.

Falafel Wrap with Tahini Dressing, served in a Flatbread, accompanied by Pickles
Grilled Halloumi with Salad, served in a Flatbread, accompanied by Pickles

We went in for a late lunch; around 3 or 4 pm, and it was just what we needed to see us through to an even later Saturday night meal. I would definitely recommend going in for brunch, lunch, or drunch (dinner/lunch; could be a thing?). I want to go back and sample the cold breakfast mezze and a cup of coffee; I’ll let you know what they’re like. Anyone who’s a fan a Middle Eastern influence in their cuisine should definitely visit for a bite to eat and a mint tea.

For more details on Damascena, both in Moseley and in Temple Row; take a look at their website here. Also, see their Twitter + Instagram.

Peace, love, and Forrest Gump, Fay x

For more breakfast, brunch, lunch, and cafe culture; check out my Instagram @heyits_fay


2 thoughts on “Have You Damascena These Falafels?! (apologies; it’s been a long week)

  1. Oh Damascena ! the main reason I go back to Birmingham, I see the kids and parents and a few friends too, but if I could meet them all there I would 😀 I am so with you on the falafel it is the best!

    Maybe we will bump into each other there, drooling at the window one day lol


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