Super Mario Badescu: My Skincare Hero

After rushing around all morning; moving tiles and porcelain bunnies, I think I’m ready for my first skincare review, so here goes… I only heard about the Mario Badescu brand this year. I’m an influencer’s dream and it doesn’t take much for me to be persuaded to buy something; however, if I’m not feeling a brand after first impressions, I rarely return to invest any more. I feel like I’m slowly (but surely) acquiring the whole Mario Badescu range, as my curiosity usually leads to purchases. I thought I’d talk through my experience with each of the products I’ve tried, as a woman with combination and sensitive skin.

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion

Let’s start with one of the cult products from the range, because in short, it’s really good (now for the long-winded bit). Please excuse that each of these products will have clearly been used in the images (there’s no fresh out the packaging shots here, but I’ll work on that for future posts I promise). Anyway, I suffer from classic cyclical breakouts; usually on my T-zone and chin areas. It doesn’t matter how much I stick to a skincare regime and drink all the water; they appear every month, on my face, because obviously my period isn’t annoying enough already.

The Drying Lotion from the range has, so far, been a little miracle. You pop a cotton bud into the clay-like sediment at the bottom, draw it up through the clear solution, and pop it onto any blemishes or ones on the way (you know when you know one’s coming through but it’s not quite there yet). It does exactly what it says on the bottle and dries the little pest out of all it’s life and any potential future it would have on your face.

The smell is medicinal an not something you’d want to inhale often; however, it passes pretty quickly after application. It dries out to a chalky surface and I couldn’t feel it on my face at all; I actually forgot I had it on until my husband walked into the bedroom and asked why I had toothpaste spots all over my face. I keep it on over night, and apply after moisturiser or serums; it tends to brush off by the time I get up in the morning, but doesn’t leave any marks on the sheets (and my pillows are white).

Sometimes it’s taken a couple of applications for really stubborn hormonal warriors to understand their marching orders; but usually, they are gone after one night. I will definitely be repurchasing, as this little bottle has become a monthly best friend; it won’t watch Beauty And The Beast with me and sob, but it does it’s job and makes me feel better about my face during that time (which has been an impossible task in the past). Husbands, boyfriends, and partners will begin to get used to the painter and decorator face in bed a few times a month too.

Mario Badescu: Facial Spray, Dermonectin Eye Cream, and Healing & Soothing Face Mask

The Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs & Rosewater smells incredible. It’s super fresh (which I’m a fan of), with a floral undertone, that’s not too nan’s cardigan. I use it as a setting spray, after my powder, for that dewy glow I can’t seem to achieve naturally without cardio. For those with dry or sensitive skin, it’s a gentle dream, and it gives my face the kiss of life throughout the day. I’ve started with the smaller bottle; however, will be repurchasing the larger version when I begin to run out.

I’ve always had issues with eye creams; I like a powerful product, but I’m so sensitive under my lash line that often they can irritate the skin and I end up crying (not emotionally, just streaming eyeballs). This little pot of bright blue wonder packs a punch without me feeling like I’ve suffered any physical assault on my under-eye skin. A little goes a really long way, and it soaks in super fast without a greasy residue. At the moment I’m using it both morning and night, and the pot is barely dissipating at all; a definite repurchase.

I have a fair amount of scarring on my skin (terrible circulation due to years of Type one doesn’t help) and an uneven skin tone, so the Healing & Soothing Mask looked right up my street. I’ve only used this twice, and it leaves my skin super soft and not too dry, which I often find after a mask. I’m using a lot of products to fade my scarring, including those from The Ordinary (but I’ll save them for another post), so it’s difficult to say if it’s made any sort of impact. I love that the mask doesn’t leave me looking like a beetroot; however, I’m not sure I’d repurchase as I’ve tried better and often switch up my masks as they’re more of a treat for me. I’d recommend it for those suffering with extremely sensitive and acne-prone skin, as a kind indulgence for your face.

Mario Badescu Silver Powder and Enzyme Cleansing Gel

Even though I seem to have extremely dry areas of skin on my face; my nose is not one of them, and I’m constantly clearing my pores (incase somebody should film me and then watch me in HD, it could happen). So the Silver Powder seemed like an exciting alternative to ripping a pore strip off my nose and I bought it on a whim. Overall, I’m impressed with how well it works as my pores are definitely cleansed afterwards, and once again, my skin is soft and smooth.

It is however, a little fiddly to apply; you need a damp cottonwool ball or pad to dip in the loose powder before you dab it onto your nose. I find this somewhat laborious to do, as with every fresh application, a bit from the last one falls off. I also feel nervous to move in general in the 10 minutes I’m meant to wait so it can work it’s magic, and nobody likes nerves; they’re very ageing. Would I say it’s a decent product? For results; yes. For ease of use; not really, but I’m impatient with skincare, so if you’re a laid-back kind of soul it might be just what you’re looking for. I don’t think I’d repurchase this, but mainly because of my personality (it’s not you Mario, it’s me…breaking up is so awkward).

The Enzyme Gel is a thorough cleanse for those heavy makeup (particularly mascara) days. It’s a gel consistency (no big surprise there), doesn’t foam up, and is easily rinsed off. The formula isn’t mind-blowing, but it definitely does the job well, and with no irritation. For the reasons I’ve just stated; I wouldn’t normally rush out to buy this again as there’s so many cleansers I want to try.

But, the smell makes me all kinds of joyful; it reminds me of the 80s/90s and something my nan or mom would use back then (in a great way). It contains some grapefruit, so I’m not sure if it’s just that, but whatever it is makes me feel all the nostalgia fuzzies every time I wash my face, and I’m straight back to opening and applying things from the bathroom cabinet I shouldn’t be touching. I will try and save some from this bottle to get my 90s skincare scent fix, but honestly I’ll be on to something different for my next cleanser.

I hope this has helped with any Mario Badescu based decisions. I tend to buy the range from Beauty Bay, if you fancy giving it a go. Let me know in the comments how I can improve, or what information you’d prefer to hear regarding each product; I’d love to know your thoughts!

Peace, love, and eye cream, Fay x

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